There are many benefits of a property mobile app for real estate businesses.

Property apps are a great way to help agents and buyers take the headache out of home buying.

The benefits of a property mobile app for real estate companies are many. 

  • It can be used to showcase properties to potential clients in a way that is easy to navigate and easy to access. 
  • It can be used to allow potential buyers to contact you directly and organize a viewing, potentially increasing the number of views and ultimately the amount of business you receive.
  • A property mobile app will provide you with the capability to connect with your clients in a new and exciting way. You’ll be able to provide your clients with a digital experience that will make them want to work with you.
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Creating a property listing mobile app can really cost you a fortune if you hire a developer from the countries like USA, UK, Australia, or Canada. But when you hire an Indian app developer, you can save more than 30% on your overall app development cost.

But before you hire a mobile app developer in India, you must know about the essential features that your property mobile application should have.

In this blog post, we have shared 5 essential & useful features that your app developer must add to your property mobile app.

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#1 Comparison

When you’re building a mobile app for a real estate business, it’s a good idea to include an “add to comparison” feature. 

This feature allows users to compare two properties at a time and find the best one that they’re interested in.

The inventory comparison is a great feature because it helps you narrow down your search by seeing everything in one place which can save you a ton of time.

A comparison feature is one of the things that your Indian app developer can add to your mobile application.

#2 Loan calculator

A loan calculator is a great feature for a property mobile app because it allows people to do a quick calculation on the spot, knowing that they can get the full information if they want it. 

This is important because it helps people make smart financial decisions.

A great property mobile app should also users to calculate loan repayments. This allows borrowers to know how much they will end up paying for their home loan over time and can be a great way to convince them of the benefits of a mortgage with your lender.

Your app developer can simply integrate a calculation algorithm into your mobile application to make this feature work.

#3 Documentation

When it comes to property listings, buyers like to see as much detail as possible.

When you’re going to have a mobile app for your property listings, it’s a great idea to include a document storage feature that allows buyers to save the documents they want to look at later.

For document storage, a property management mobile app should be able to store all the documents necessary to run a property. This includes things like inventory lists, tenant files, and maintenance logs. 

These documents are crucial to the daily running of any property and having access to them on the go can be extremely useful.

Therefore, when you hire a mobile app developer in India, do make sure to ask him to allow the users to save their property documents in their respective storage areas so that the interested parties can view them hassle-free.

#4 Paperwork processing

Paperwork processing is a great feature for a property mobile app. For example, say you want to rent out a room to someone. This feature allows you to take a photo of any document, like a lease, and upload it to your app.

Paperwork is a huge pain point for property managers and real estate agents. It’s also a huge pain point for the tenants, buyers, and sellers who have to deal with that paperwork. 

The idea is to take the pain out of that process, which is why we’re building an app to make it easy to manage all that paperwork.

Your mobile app developer in India can develop a section in your application that can automatically execute the paper works.

#5 User-friendly search

User-friendly search is important for a property app because it can help potential tenants find the property they’re looking for and avoid the hassle of having to sort through a lot of irrelevant properties.

Features like user-friendly search can help improve the experience of using your mobile app. If it’s easier to use, then it’s more likely that your customers will use it.

Having an intuitive search function means users can find what they’re looking for faster and, the more time they spend on your app, the happier they’ll be.

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