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Hire Innomax for your website maintenance activities such as updating themes & plugins, taking regular backups, bug fixing, and securing your website.

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    Innomax can help you to maintain your website by performing several maintenance activities. 

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    We know that you don’t have time to maintain your website, right? But at the same time you want your visitors to see updated content & your website to perform better, always.

    The only solution to this problem is hiring a web developer who can maintain your website regularly. And if you don’t have enough budget to engage a full-time developer to maintain your website, you can always hire website builders in India who can take care of your website.

    Website maintenance is an integral part of your online business because you want your website to look better with updated content, fast loading speed & higher chances of search engine rankings.

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      I engaged Bhupesh’s services a year ago and was very impressed with his overall technical and business knowledge. This naturally lead to several solid and practical solutions being proposed to me. Upon project completion and until now, Bhupesh continues to support me with necessary periodic enhancements to my online business. All of which have been well-advised and effectively executed on. I look forward to working with Bhupesh in future projects as my business continues to grow.

      TCC - website developed by Innomax
      The Cult Culture

      If anyone is looking for a web developer then the team are at Innomax is a great choice. We are a new start-up drinks company and needed two new sites. Bhupesh and his team were responsive, detailed, and patient in the build. We have two great results. We highly recommend them. Regards, Joseph McGlennon Creative Director, Doctor V Energy Drinks.

      DoctorV - website developed by Innomax
      DoctorV Australia

      Why Innomax?

      Innomax steps in as your ultimate partner for website maintenance services in India. Below are some of the reasons of hiring Innomax as your website maintenance service provider in India:

      Tailored Web Design:

      Innomax stands out by offering tailored website maintenance services that cater to the unique needs of your business. Whether you’re an eCommerce business, a budding startup, or an established brand, our team of skilled professionals ensures your website remains up-to-date, secure, and user-friendly.

      Unmatched Web Expertise:

      Hiring Innomax means entrusting your website to a team of experts who boast a deep understanding of the intricacies of web development and maintenance. From routine updates to resolving complex technical issues, we have the skills and knowledge to handle it all.

      Focus on Core Business:

      Outsourcing your website maintenance to Innomax allows you to focus on what you do best – running your business. Instead of diverting precious resources towards managing your website’s technical aspects, you can channel your efforts into enhancing products, services, and customer experiences.

      Stay Ahead of the Curve:

      The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and your website needs to keep up. Innomax not only ensures your website remains functional but also implements the latest industry trends and best practices, keeping you ahead of the competition.

      Reliability and Peace of Mind:

      With Innomax as your maintenance partner, you can rest easy knowing that your website is in capable hands. We offer regular backups, security updates, and proactive monitoring, minimizing the risk of downtime or security breaches.

      Don’t let your website’s performance hold back your business potential. Choose Innomax for professional, comprehensive, and reliable website maintenance services in India.



      Backed by extensive experience, we ensure optimal performance and seamless functionality, giving you peace of mind to concentrate on your core business.


      Our commitment to unparalleled support ensures your site's continuous excellence, freeing you to focus on your business growth journey. Trust us for the best.


      Our budget-friendly solutions offer top-notch support, allowing you to maintain a high-performing site without breaking the bank. Get quality service at an affordable cost.

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      Do you have any questions?

      Below are some of the frequently asked questions from our clients that may help you to understand how can we help you.
      Website maintenance ensures your site functions optimally, remains secure, loads quickly, and provides an excellent user experience. Regular updates prevent glitches, vulnerabilities, and outdated content.
      It involves tasks like software updates, security patches, content updates, performance optimization, monitoring for downtime, backups, and addressing broken links to keep the site secure, fast, and user-friendly.
      Regular content updates keep visitors engaged and boost SEO. Aim for at least monthly updates, but consider the nature of your site; news sites might require daily updates, while others can manage with less frequent changes.
      Neglecting maintenance increases the risk of security breaches, slow loading times, broken features, and loss of search engine rankings. It can negatively impact user experience and damage your brand’s online reputation.
      Minimize image sizes, enable browser caching, use a content delivery network (CDN), and clean up unnecessary code. Regularly optimizing and compressing elements on your site can significantly improve loading times.
      Yes, regular backups are crucial. They protect your data from loss due to hacks, errors, or server crashes. Schedule automated backups, and store copies both on-site and off-site for added security.
      Some basic tasks like content updates might be manageable, but for technical aspects like security patches, software updates, and complex optimizations, it’s recommended to rely on experienced professionals.

      When you hire Innomax to maintain your website, you don’t need to worry about the security. We take care of your website’s security.

      Let us help you to
      maintain your website

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