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While it’s true that you can save more than 40% of your overall app development cost when you hire app builders in India, you must also check out a few essential qualities before you hire them.

In this blog post, we have shared 6 essential skills that your app developer must have.

#1 Coding skills

Coding is perhaps the most important skill that an app developer must have. And if you hire an experienced developer, it’s more likely that he will have great coding skills.

You must also check with your app developer about the platform/technology that he will be using to build your app.

Whether they build native mobile applications or work on cross-platform technologies such as React Native, Flutter, Xamrian, PhoneGap, etc.

Selection of development platform/technology must be made according to your budget, timeframe, and complexity of the project.

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#2 UI/UX skills

Another essential skill that an app builder must have is UI/UX understanding

No matter how good the backend system is, if your app is not intuitive & user-friendly, you won’t get enough downloads and installs. Even if you are able to encourage users to download & install your app, they will uninstall it soon once they find that your app is not intuitive.

UX & UI plays an important role in the success of any mobile application. You can just think of a few successful mobile apps and you will realize that one of the common factors that those apps have is their high-quality UI & UX.

Therefore, before hiring an app builder in India, you must check out their past works to ensure that their UI/UX understanding is good.

#3 Business understanding

Now that you know coding skills & UI/UX understanding are 2 essential skills that an app developer must have, however, their understanding of your business logic is equally important.

No matter how good a developer is in coding & UI/UX, if he or she doesn’t understand your business concept or idea, the result could be a disaster.

How you can check the understanding skills of your app developer?

You can discuss your project requirements with your app developers and seek their ideas to enhance your application. If your developer has correctly understood your business logic, he can definitely come up with several ideas for you to consider.

#4 Visualization Skills

We all know that mobile apps are more visual than technical. Is it therefore a mandatory requirement for your app developer to have great visualization skills? 

Although visualization is one of the important skills that you must check out in your app developer, you will rarely find it.

If your developer lacks visualization skills, he may not be able to produce presentable apps.

#5 Communication skills

Communication is the key to any successful mobile application development.

Are you able to communicate with your Indian app developer easily & effectively?

Since you will be outsourcing your mobile application project to Indian app developers, communication becomes even more important.

If you are not able to convey your ideas to your developer properly, your project may get delayed, and sometimes even at first, it can’t be completed at all.

What you can do about this? 

You can ensure that your shortlisted developer has good communication skills and he is available for you according to your timezone. 

#6 Support & troubleshooting

You can’t just build your mobile application, shut it and forget it. It’s a never-ending process. You will definitely need the support of your app developer to maintain your app in long run.

The maintenance of your mobile app may include:

  • Troubleshooting of bugs & errors.
  • Upgrading modules & extensions.
  • Ensuring the security & loading speed of your mobile app.

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