Generally, mobile application development is considered an expensive & time-consuming affair.

When one gets an idea and tries to build an app around it, the first question that comes in the mind is “how much it will cost to develop an app?”.

Whenever we think about developing an app, we assume that it will cost us a fortune and it will take several months or a year to build.

Well, that’s not true.

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The good news is that there are several ways to save money on your app development.

In this blog post, we have shared 7 ways in which you or your app developer can save your app development cost.

Let’s get started!

#1 Cross Platform Development

You must encourage your app developer to use cross-platform development for building your mobile application.

Instead of building a separate codebase for both iOS & Android, your app developer can develop your mobile application using a single code base (with a tool like Xamrin) that can be used for both iOS and Android.

It will save you not only the cost of mobile app development, but it will also help you to complete & launch your mobile app sooner.

What’s more.

The cross platform development also helps in maintenance & enhancements, since your app developer needs to use a single codebase to develop your mobile application.

To sum up, cross-platform development allows you to:

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Make it easier to expand
  • Make it easier to maintain

#2 Hire App Developers In India

Hiring an app developer in India can reduce your development cost by almost 30-40%. 

Since the manpower in India is cheaper than the developed countries, you can save your development cost significantly when you hire an Indian app developer. 

What’s more. 

When you hire an Indian app developer, you get below the benefits too: 

  • Prompt support. 
  • Quick turnaround. 
  • Excellent communication. 
  • Experienced web developers. 
  • Long-term maintenance.

#3 Wireframes First

Another way to save your app development cost is to create wireframes before your app developer gets started on coding.

When you choose to design wireframes first, you save not only money for your app development, but also save a lot of time.

All you need is a clean sheet of paper, a pencil, and sketch out your ideas. Having wireframes will allow you to make several iterations in the layout before your app coder starts the coding.

It will save your app development cost as well as time.

#4 MVP First

What’s MVP?

MVP stands for a minimum viable product that most businesses prefer to launch before they roll out the full-fledged application.

Instead of waiting for the whole complete project to be finished, you can also roll out your MVP (minimum viable product) first.

When you release the MVP version of your mobile app, you not only save your development cost (because you are building & releasing your app in pieces), but you also get to know the real-time feedback from your users.

Having real-time feedback from your users allows you to make necessary adjustments in your app or sometimes remove some of the unnecessary features (based on the users’ experience), which will again help you to save your money.

So, MVP helps you to:

  • Save your app development cost.
  • Get to know the users’ feedback that allows you to modify your app.
  • Save your time, since you don’t have to wait for your app to get completed.

#5 Third-Party Modules

There are many third-party modules available that your app developer can use and save your development cost. Because in this case, he won’t be required to code those features from scratch.

In other words, when your app developers are required to put lesser time into incorporating different features into your applications, you save both money & time.

#6 Agile Approach

The Agile approach emphasizes smart work over hard work.

By adopting an agile approach, your app developer can:

  • Build & release your application in different milestones.
  • Test different milestones individually.
  • Make necessary modifications in the existing milestone rolling out the next one.

#7 Automated Testing

Automated testing allows your app maker to save time on manual processes. There are many tools available to do automated testing that your app developer can use and save your time and money too.

One of such tools to do automated testing for a mobile app is Appium.

How Appium can help you to save your app development cost:

Appium provides a popular test automation framework for iOS, Android, and Windows applications, and uses automation frameworks, so your app developer can test your application without having to spend time re-compiling the codes.

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