Have you got some great ideas and looking for an app developer in India to build a mobile application for you?

Perhaps you may need a mobile application but don’t have enough budget. Whichever the cost, there are several ways in which Indian app developers can help you to build your dream app at an affordable cost.

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In this blog post, we are going to share 5 ways in which you can get a mobile app at a low cost:

#1 Going with Android first

Although there is a rapidly growing market of iOS users, the number of Android phone users is still higher. Therefore, if you don’t have enough budget to build a mobile app, you can consider going with the Android application first.

All you need to do is, hire a professional Android app developer in India and get your app launched to test the market first.

#2 Going with MVP first

MVP (minimum viable product) is an ideal choice for all small businesses and startups who want to build a mobile application at a low cost. And most Indian mobile app developers know how to help their customers with the MVP. 

Your app developer in India can work with you to draft a list of specifications that you may need in your MVP. 

Building an MVP of your mobile application comes with several benefits:

  • It helps to reduce your development cost as we have already discussed.
  • It helps you to test the market first and then make necessary changes for the launch of the second phase. 
  • It helps you to get first-hand feedback from real users that will help you to improve your mobile application.
  • It enables you to spend more on your app marketing with the cost that you save for the development of your app.

#3 Going with prebuilt themes

Did you know that you can save more than 20% of your total app development cost when you choose a prebuilt theme instead of going for a custom design? 

Yes, there is no harm to try out the market with the prebuilt themes first. Once you start getting some revenue from your mobile application, you can invest more to refine your app design.

Again there are several app builders in India who can help you to choose the best-prebuilt themes for your mobile application.

#4 Going for prebuilt modules & libraries

Similar to the prebuilt themes, your app developer can use prebuilt modules & libraries for incorporating various features of your app. 

Why should you invest your money & time in creating the whole bunch of codes from scratch when there are several modules & code libraries available to do that job.

How can you find those libraries & modules?

Here comes the role of your app developer

Here you can take advantage of your app developer in India who can assist you in finding appropriate prebuilt modules and code libraries to build your dream app.

#5 Going with cross-browser platform

Building a mobile application requires the selection of a certain platform or technology. Some of these platforms are very expensive as they require separate effort for both the operating systems (iOS & Android) however there are many platforms that can enable your app developer to build cross-browser mobile applications.

In other words, when your app developer chooses a cross-browser platform, he doesn’t need to put extra effort into each of the different operating systems (iOS or Android).

For example, native mobile apps are more expensive as compared to a cross-browser platform like PhoneGap.

If your aim is just to test the market for both iOS & Android at the lowest possible cost, why not go with a cross-browser platform. It can lower your app development cost by almost 40%. It’s worth it, isn’t it?

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