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We all use applications to make our smartphones more useful. In the same manner, we can also make use of plugins to supercharge any WordPress website. 

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There are several plugins available to incorporate with your WordPress website to enhance its features & functionalities. For instance, if you need to incorporate live chat, there are several plugins to do it. If you want higher rankings on search engines, there are many SEO plugins available to use. 

To help you with the process of picking useful plugins that won’t hurt your site’s performance, here are 7 essential plugins that you or your WordPress developer can use with your website to make the most out of it. 

Let’s get started. 

#1 Elementor

Your website designer will often need to develop attractive landing and sales pages for your WordPress website to promote your products and pull more traffic. 

Elementor is a popular plugin for WordPress that helps you create beautiful pages, and it is free. It features a WYSIWYG editor to help you create exceptional pages by adding design elements to your page using an easy drag-and-drop facility.

#2 Yoast

One of the major reasons to build any website is to get more traffic and grab more sales. And when it comes to getting traffic on any website, SEO (search engine optimization) is probably one of the best mediums. 

Yoast is arguably the most popular WordPress plugin that is high on every website developer’s list for optimizing a website’s SEO.

It checks for readability, and optimal keyword use and provides tips for improving your blog posts and website pages for SEO.

#3 Ninja Forms

Your website developer may be required to create forms such as registration, contact, submission, etc. to allow users to send their information to you.

Ninja Forms is an all-inclusive WordPress plugin to help with the creation of all sorts of forms. It features an easy-to-use editor for developing forms with different kinds of fields.

#4 WP Super Cache

Your website rankings on Google depends on its speed and performance, to a certain extent. More importantly, you will probably end up losing your visitors if your website does not load fast or performs poorly. 

WP Super Cache is a WordPress plugin that can help your WordPress developer better your site’s performance. The plugin does so by compressing the most commonly used elements and code.

#5 Updraft Plus

You want to be in control of your website’s backup system, just in case you have to deal with calamities like server breakdowns and hacker attacks.

UpdraftPlus is a must-have WordPress plugin that helps you automate the backups of your website. 

Your web developer can use this plugin to set up scheduled backup processes that can save copies of your site to cloud storage of your liking.

#6 Smush Image Compression

You will, in all likelihood, make use of a lot of high-quality images as a part of your website development. Especially in the case of an eCommerce website, you may have hundreds or even thousands of product images. This is bound to make your web pages heavy which means they will take longer to load.

Your website designer can use the free Smush WordPress plugin to enable the automatic compression of images uploaded to your website. This will reduce the size of the file without reducing image quality.

#7 Sucuri Security

The hackers are always waiting to find an easy-to-breach vulnerability on your website to execute their attack. This makes it important for you to have an effective firewall installed to protect your site.

Your website designer can easily add protection to your site against hackers and malware by using Sucuri Security. This powerful plugin also offers malware scanning, brute force protection, and more.

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