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Hiring a website developer from India is one of the best ways to build an affordable website. But affordability is not the only reason to hire an Indian website maker. There are many other services that and Indian website builder can provide you with.
In this blog post, we have shared 8 such add-on services that web developers in India can offer.

Consultancy Business Website Design 

1. Web Hosting

India is one of the leading nations in internet consumption, hence its expertise in web design services. One of the services provided by Indian website builders is web hosting, a service provided to enable the storage of various websites on a server. Web hosting provided by website builders in India includes the provision of space in a server to enable public access and bandwidth, which allows the transfer of data between the website and its visitors and domain name for the website holder.

Web design services in India create globally accessible websites for their clients while providing other essential website services, including technical support and various forms of hosting.

2. Website Training

Indian website makers provide extra website training services for their clients after the completion of the website. Website training provided by Indian website builders includes teaching the individual or group on how to use the backend of their websites. The training provided by Indian website developers is part of the website development package, this saves the client time and extra resources on understanding, managing and improving the website after its completion. The client does not have to struggle to understand complex terminologies and coding practical as most of the work is done by the Indian developers during the development process, this gives those who seek Indian web developers an advantage over other developers.

3. On-page SEO

As technology progresses, Indian website makers have adapted and improved their services, including providing on-page SEO. On-page SEO is the optimization of web page in a website with the aim of improving its search engine ranking and gaining views from the public. The process of on-page SEO focuses on using popularly searched keywords used by individuals specific to the content of the website, content and image organization and optimization, which focuses on creating content and images that will trigger an interest in the target audience. The main advantage of seeking Indian website developers is their inclusion of SEO techniques as part of their website design, this frees the client from the worry of learning or hiring a third party for SEO development and management.

4. eCommerce Store Development

Today, most sales are done online; this has only increased since the emergence of eCommerce stores and their advantage over setting up a physical location. India, considering its population, benefits greatly from eCommerce stores, which include delivery services among its various services. Indian website builders take the extra step of incorporating eCommerce features in their clients’ websites. Web design services in India in allow the inclusion of a well maintained and functional eCommerce store which also involves the incorporation of payment and shipping, optimization of the site and customer support after the launch of the online store. Are you looking for a website, one that might possibly incorporate an eCommerce store? Indian web developers are the people to talk to for that ideal website for your business.

5. Support & maintenance

Support and maintenance are included as part of website building services in India, which website builders provide. Once an Indian website builder develops a website for a client, they offer after services that include debugging the website, adjusting website content and features, providing SEO services and hosting the website on appropriate servers. Once one purchases an already built website or has one built from scratch, they are given contact priority in terms of support and maintenance of the website, among other extra services. Web design services in India are not a one-time process but rather a continuous customer-focused service that seeks to ensure proper website design and maintenance.

6. Security Enhancement

Today, the world is technology-driven, and with it comes the risk of data breaches through hacking or loss of information. A proper website built by an Indian website builder incorporates various security features and enhancements. Some of the security enhancements as part of the web design services in India include SSL encryption, which protects data transmitted between the customer and the server through encryption, and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), which adds extra security by sending a code to the website owner phone or email before allowing access and firewalls which filter traffic both ways while restricting access to unsecured traffic. Security enhancement as part of web design services in India is a norm that ensures one receives the best services in website creation and maintenance.

7. Performance Optimization

Once a website is completed, it is necessary to provide performance optimization for the site. Part of the services provided by website builders in India is performance optimization, which focuses on providing a smooth and more responsive user experience by enabling a fast and responsive website access experience. Indian website builders enable performance optimization through image optimization, which focuses on compression and resizing images to enable the maintenance of quality images while reducing the size occupied. Other performance optimization strategies provided by Indian website builders include enabling browser caching, minifying CSS and HTML, reducing HTTP requests and monitoring performance metrics.

8. Analytic Integration

As an Indian website maker, I provide various services meant to improve website performance, including analytic integration. The function of analytic integration is to enable the tracking and analysis of metrics such as sales and user behaviour. The data collected is used to help understand the website users’ needs, which can be helpful in improving marketing and eventually improving the website owner’s business. Indian website makers offer various analytics platforms; however, the most preferred choice is Google Analytics. Other available platforms include Adobe Analytics and Piwik. Seeking out the service of an Indian website builder is a step that can greatly improve your access and availability of your products and services to the world.

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