Affordable web development in India

Are you a startup company or a small business that doesn’t want to spend much on website development?

Here’s a solution for you.

We, at Innomax, have come up with a pocket-friendly web design package that costs you just $399, and yet you will get a nice-looking website with all the required features.

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How is it possible to get a great website with all the features for just $399?

Yes, we know that it’s not possible to get a website under $399 and if you get at all, you will have to compromise with the quality, right? But now no more compromises with the quality even if you have a low budget for your website design.

Get a Website For Just $399

How do we make this (affordable web design) possible?

#1 Using WordPress

WordPress is a free open source that we use to develop basic corporate websites.

Why do we choose WordPress?

We choose WordPress not because of its cost-effectiveness but it has some great benefits too.

  • WordPress is loved by search engines
  • WordPress websites are easy to setup & manage
  • WordPress websites load fast
  • WordPress websites are secured
  • WordPress websites come with responsive website themes (compatible with all smart devices)

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#2 Using Pre-defined themes

By using pre-defined themes, we help our clients to cut down the cost of website design by almost 40%.

There are thousands of professional yet affordable website templates available for WordPress websites that we pick for our clients and build a great-looking website for them.

Using pre-defined themes have some other benefits too.

  • WordPress themes load faster
  • WordPress themes are compatible with all the browsers
  • WordPress themes are SEO-friendly
  • WordPress themes are responsive
  • WordPress themes can be easily customized
  • WordPress themes come with professional designs

#3 Hosting your website on reliable servers

We are resellers of a few reliable web hosting companies. Therefore, we help our clients to host their websites on reliable yet affordable servers.

While there are several reputed web hosting companies that charge more than $100 per annum to host websites on their servers, we charge only $75 per annum to host websites.

#4 Providing you with web maintenance training

You can cut down the cost of website maintenance by doing minor updates yourself.

Yes, with every website, we provide a manual for our clients that help them to maintain their website without the help of any web designer.

Is this package for me?

This package is suitable for your business if,

  • You don’t have any design preference and are ready to accept a template design.
  • You don’t have any specific functionality required for your website.
  • You want to set up your website in less than a week.
  • You are a small business or a startup and want to invest less than $500 in your website development.

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