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Do you own a website and is it secured? As a website owner or webmaster, your main job is to shield your site from malware to provide your users with a great experience. 

So, how can you protect your website? 

You have two choices. First, you can learn some essential technical tasks to secure your website yourself. Alternatively, you can hire a skilled web developer to do it for you.

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Hiring an experienced & reliable developer in countries like the US, UK, Canada, or Australia can be very expensive. That’s the reason most global small businesses prefer to hire Indian website builders to save their money and get the best quality & support at the same time.

If you want to appoint a web developer in India to maintain & secure your website, you can learn a lot in this blog post. Here, we have shared 10 essential tasks that a web developer in India will do to secure your website.

Let’s dive in!

#1 Keeping software update

Indian web developers can ensure your website’s software stays up to date. When you hire website builders in India, they will regularly apply updates to the content management system, plugins, and themes, safeguarding your site against vulnerabilities and ensuring optimal performance and security.

#2 Running all the pages on SSL

Your Indian developer can secure your website by running all its pages on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security). This encryption ensures that data transmission between your site and users is private and secure, enhancing trust and protecting sensitive information.

#3 Enforce strong passwords

Enforcing strong passwords on your website is crucial for security, and you can do it without a web developer. Utilize your website’s built-in settings or CMS features to require users to create strong, unique passwords. This simple step enhances your site’s defense against unauthorized access.

#4 File permissions

Securing necessary file permissions is vital for website security. Collaborate with an Indian web designer to set proper permissions, limiting access to sensitive files and directories. This precaution helps prevent unauthorized access, enhancing your website’s overall security.

#5 Security plugin installation

Indian website builders prioritize security by installing security plugins. These plugins provide added layers of protection by scanning for malware, vulnerabilities, and suspicious activities. This proactive approach helps safeguard websites and data, ensuring a safer online experience for users.

#6 Preventing SQL injections

Mitigating SQL injections plays a pivotal role in fortifying your website’s database against malicious attacks. Developers achieve this by diligently validating and sanitizing user inputs, incorporating parameterized queries, and implementing robust input validation procedures. These proactive steps effectively thwart potentially harmful SQL commands, thereby bolstering the overall security of your website.

#7 Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) prevention

Preventing Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is vital to protect your website from malicious code injection. Developers can mitigate XSS by employing security mechanisms like input validation and output encoding. This ensures that user-supplied data is sanitized and displayed safely, reducing the risk of attackers injecting harmful scripts into your site.

#8 Backups

Indian web developers prioritize website safety by regularly backing up your site. These backups serve as a safety net against data loss due to accidents or cyberattacks. By ensuring these backups are stored securely, developers help safeguard your website’s critical data and content.

#9 User permissions

Indian developers enhance website security through proper user permission management. They adopt a role-based access control (RBAC) system, precisely allocating privileges to users. This methodology confines unauthorized entry into sensitive website sections, effectively diminishing the potential for data breaches and enhancing the overall security of the online environment for visitors.

#10 Data validation

Indian web developers employ data validation techniques to protect your website. They validate and sanitize user inputs, ensuring that data is free from malicious code or improper formatting. This practice prevents data-related vulnerabilities, enhancing your website’s overall security and integrity.

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