No matter whatever is the size of your business, if you are into trading, you definitely need an e-commerce website. 

But wait. Thousands of companies are working on launching their e-commerce websites in the next few days. How would you make sure that your online store attracts more sales & revenue to not only survive your business but to grow it as well?

The answer is “By making your e-commerce website user-friendly, you can outrank your competition and win the battle of online selling”. User-friendliness is the key to success in today’s digital yet competitive market. 

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In this post, we will be sharing 6 effective ways in which you can make your online store user-friendly. 

#1 Focus On Customers’ Choice

It could sound like cheesy advice that you must focus on your customer’s choices

We all know that if we were to succeed in any business, we must take care of our customers’ preferences. 

But why then, there are still many e-commerce business owners who build their online store and populate it in their own way? Without thinking much about their targeted customers. No wonder, why most e-commerce businesses fail in their infancy stage. 

So what’s that the business owners must take care of to ensure that their e-commerce website is based on customers’ preferences?

  • By populating their websites with the products-in-trend. 
  • By accepting all of the major payment gateways used by their customers.
  • By providing hassle-free navigation on the website.

#2 Provide All Necessary Information

Does your e-commerce website has all the information about your business such as 

  • Privacy Policy
  • Returns Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Contact Details
  • Support Details/ Hotline Number
  • About Us

If your website doesn’t have any or all of the above information, you need to update your online store.

To make your e-commerce website user-friendly, it is vital that your customers must be well-informed about your business policies, rules & regulations so that they don’t face any surprises.

#3 Live Assistance

Does your e-commerce store has a live chat function?

If not, don’t give it a second thought. Hire a web developer and get it integrated.

Why live assistance is so important?

  • It helps your customers to get in touch with you instantly.
  • It helps you to help your customers in making their purchases.
  • It helps your customers and you to interact and know each other for a possible business relationship.

The most important reason why every small business must have a live chat function on their e-commerce website is that most of the live assistance plugins are available either free of cost or at a nominal price.

#4 Mobile Friendly Design

Does your e-commerce website have a responsive web design

Lack of a responsive design results in losing potential customers. 


More than 60% of online buyers are searching for their desired products & services using their handheld devices like mobile. 

By ensuring that you have a responsive e-commerce website, you can capture the majority of your potential buyers. 

What are some of the major benefits of having a responsive website?

  • Better usability.
  • Better search engine rankings. 
  • Fast loading speed. 
  • More sales. 

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#5 Analyze & Improve

You can’t expect to launch a perfect e-commerce website in its first launch.

It takes time to build a great e-commerce website. But the key is to regularly analyze the website & users’ behavior and keep making changes accordingly.

Below are a few major steps in improving your e-commerce store gradually, but eventually:

  • Install a web analytic tool to measure and analyze the user’s behavior.
  • Install heat map tools to know customers’ preferences.
  • Install the Google webmaster tool to analyze website performance.

If you don’t possess the required skills to integrate the above useful features, hire an affordable web developer in India to make the required updates. 

#6 Hire Reliable Web Developers

Web developers or web design companies shouldn’t be considered one-time service providers. 

Instead, you must partner with reliable web developers to consistently enhance your e-commerce website.

Web development is not a one-time event anymore. It’s an ongoing and never-ending process. 

Studies have shown that most worldwide e-commerce businesses fail because of the lack of sound web technologies. Having said this, it won’t be wrong to say that if you choose reliable yet affordable e-commerce developers, you can definitely have higher chances to grow your business.

If you believe that engaging a long-term partner for your web development could be an expensive affair, think about it again. By outsourcing your web development to Indian website builders, you are assured of getting high-quality work at an affordable price. 

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