Wondering about eCommerce website cost in India?

Do you want to create an eCommerce website but wondering how much an eCommerce website cost in India?

The good news is that you can easily get a fully-functional, SEO-friendly, & responsive eCommerce website in India for as low as $1000 however at Innomax, we are offering a special price of $800 only.

Yes, our eCommerce website design plans Start at $800 only!

If you’ve already decided to hire Indian eCommerce developers to build your online store but still wondering about the cost involved to develop an eCommerce website, this blog post is for you.

In this blog post, we are going to unleash some of the various factors that determine eCommerce website costs in India.

In this blog post, we have covered:

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    What features/items you will get

    Why should you hire Indian web developers?

    If you want to create your eCommerce store at an affordable cost, hiring Indian web design companies is the best option for you.

    ecommerce website development india

    No doubt, Indian manpower is affordable as compared to developed countries in the world & you can save thousands of dollars when you opt to create an eCommerce website in India, but there is another reason for worldwide businesses to choose India for outsourcing web development projects to India. And that’s the experience of web developers in India.

    Yes, most of the Indian web development companies have got experienced eCommerce web developers who have been working in this industry for more than 15 years.

    With the experienced & affordable manpower to create eCommerce websites, India has become the #1 choice for all businesses worldwide to outsource their web development projects.

    How eCommerce site calculation cost is done

    How do we calculate the cost of eCommerce website design?

    Below are but some of the determinants of eCommerce website costing:

    1) Do you want a customized website design or template-based design would suffice?

    2) Do you need a logo to be designed for your eCommerce store or do you already have one?

    3) Do you need a web hosting package as well?

    4) Do you also want a domain name?

    5) Do you have the manpower to upload the products to your eCommerce store or do you want to hire a web development company to do this job?

    6) If you want your web development team to upload the products for you, how many products would there be?

    7) Do you also need a web maintenance quote within the same proposal or will you manage the website yourself?

    8) Do you want a customized pricing feature for your products (e.g. price variation according to size, weight, etc.)?

    9) Do you want a flat shipping rate system or do you want it to be flexible based on countries, weight, or quantity?

    10) Do you want to use Paypal as your payment gateway or do you want to integrate some other payment gateways too?

    11) Do you want a blog for your online store?

    12) Do you have the website content ready with you or do you want your web design company to help you with content writing?

    14) Do you want to use your own graphics and images or do you want to use paid royalty-free images?

    15) Do you need advanced product management such as bulk export/import (if you have a large number of products)?

    16) Do you want a responsive web design or an adaptive website design for your eCommerce store?

    17) Do you need an online chat or forum on your website?

    18) Do you want an advanced zoom-in option for your products?

    Once you’ve decided on the above features and requirements for your eCommerce web design, you can easily seek the best quotation from a web development company in India.

    Basic eCommerce website cost in India

    Typically, a simple or basic eCommerce website cost varies between $800 to $2000 which you can get:

    1) Domain name (for one year)

    2) Web hosting (for one year)

    3) Template design (with some customizations)

    4) eCommerce features setup using open source CMS like WordPress

    5) Logo design

    6) Paypal payment gateway integration

    7) Flat shipping rate

    8) CMS to manage web pages

    9) Responsive eCommerce web design

    10) Option to generate coupons

    Advanced eCommerce website cost in India

    The average cost to create an eCommerce website with advanced features like the below is more than $3000

    1) Domain name (for one year)

    2) Web hosting (for one year)

    3) Unique/custom website design

    4) eCommerce features setup using open sources like Magento, Code Ignitor, and other PHP frameworks

    5) Your choice of payment gateways like Paypal, Authorise.net, Smoovpay, WorldPay, etc.

    6) Logo design

    7) Advanced shipping pricing system which could be based on countries, product weight, product size, product quantity, order value, or the number of products.

    8) Advanced pricing system like different pricing systems for different customers or maybe customized pricing structures based on different product attributes such as weight, color, size, etc.

    9) Choice of responsive web design (RWD) or adaptive web design (AWD)

    10) Integrated SEO features to help a website achieve higher rankings on search engines such as Google

    11) Integrated Social Media features to help website content distribution among various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    eCommerce website cost is also affected by:

    #1 Open Source CMS Vs Framework

    Choosing between an open-source CMS and framework for your eCommerce business is an important decision that affects the overall cost of an eCommerce website.

    Choosing Open Source platforms such as WordPressOpenCart, and Magento can be cost-effective for your eCommerce web development as compared to framework customization. 

    #2 Website Hosting

    If your web design company has not included web hosting in their eCommerce website cost, you are free to choose any of the best and most reliable web hosting companies according to your budget.

    While looking for a web server company to host your eCommerce store, one of the important things you need to look for is scalability.

    Another thing that matters for eCommerce websites is uptime. Before choosing any web hosting company, make sure that their servers have an uptime guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

    If you are a small business or have a new setup, you can choose an affordable yet reliable web hosting company like iPage. iPage company offers economical web hosting packages that start low at $1.99 per month.

    #3 Payment terms

    When you hire a web development company in India for your eCommerce website, you may need to pay 50% upfront to get the work started and balance 50% when the whole job is completed.

    This is the standard payment term that most Indian eCommerce development companies follow.

    Payment terms, sometimes, may depend on the total project cost as well. In some cases where the total project cost is higher, the eCommerce website vendor may agree to start the project with 25% upfront too.

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