website cost in India

Are you looking to outsource your website design to India but are not sure about the web design cost in India?

No worries! Here, you will find your answers about website creation costs and web design expenses in India. We’ve got some great information to share with you in this blog post about the different types of websites out there and how much they typically cost to develop. So whether you’re a tech-savvy pro or just starting out, we’ve got you covered!

website design cost in India

The topic of “website design cost in India” has been of interest to many entrepreneurs & business owners who want to build their websites at a cheaper rate and who are looking for cheap website design options in India.

The fact is that website design cost in India varies. To estimate the exact website creation cost, your Indian developer needs to know about different factors such as the number of pages, the type of website (informative, eCommerce, multi-vendor, login-based websites, etc), the complexity of functionality, etc.

To understand the website development fees in India better, let us take you through some of the common types of websites, their essential features, and their respective costs.

Different types of websites & their development costs

website design cost in india

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    What factors decide website design cost?

    essential plugins for a wordpress blog or website

    CMS or Custom Coded

    If you need a CMS (like WordPress) based website, it will cost you less as compared to a custom-coded website.

    mobile application development in India

    eCommerce or Informative

    The effort & cost to create an eCommerce website is more than building an informative website.

    Indian website builders & designers

    API or No API

    If your website development requires the integration of 3rd party APIs, it’s definitely going to cost you more.

    website design cost in India

    Payment Integration

    If you want your Indian web developer to integrate any payment gateway(s) with your website, it will affect the web design price.

    Template or Custom Design

    Building a website by using any template/theme will help you save your web design cost. Using a custom design is more expensive.

    website development proposal

    Special Features

    If you want your web developer to add any special feature (which is not standard), it will increase the effort and web development cost.

    There are several determinants of website design cost in India. We can broadly divide these costs into 2 parts.

    • Basic setup & maintenance costs (recurring).
    • Development costs (one-time).

    What are the basic costs of a website?

    The minimum costs that you will pay to set up & maintain a website are usually known as basic website costs.

    Here are some of the basic costs of a website:

    • The website domain name (may vary between $15 per annum to $50 per annum).
    • Website hosting (may vary between $60 per year to $200 per year).
    • SSL (Secure Server Layer) that can be included in your hosting package.

    How much is the website design cost in India?

    The website design cost in India can be as low as $450 to create an informative/corporate website. While for developing an eCommerce website in India, you may end up paying as low as $1000. Again, the website cost in India depends on different factors which we will discuss now.

    Now that you know about the different determinants of website design & web development cost in India, let’s have a look at different types of websites and their estimated costs.

    #1 Informative Website Cost (Avg. Cost $400)

    What’s an informative website?

    A website that’s developed to showcase a company’s or individual’s services or products, is known as an informative website. For example, a corporate website that’s built to showcase the services & products of a company is known as an informative website. And a personal website that’s built to showcase the services & expertise of an individual is also known as an informative website. The cost to build an informative website in India is not too high because these kinds of websites don’t have any advanced features.

    Now the question is “What are the basic yet essential features that an informative website should have?”

    Basic features of an informative website design

    Below we have shared some of the crucial features that an informative website should have.

    List of Services/Products/Skills:

    One of the important features that an informative website design should have is the list of services or products or skills of a company or an individual. Since the basic idea behind creating an informative website is to drive interested users to the website and encourage them to share their details call the business, sharing the services & products is one of the vital features that an informative website should have.

    A blog:

    A blog is no more a fancy feature for a website to have. It is a very important feature to have on a website to rank on search engines and drive targeted traffic to the website. So, your Indian website developer should integrate a blog into your informative website at the same cost.

    Responsive design:

    A website design is no good if it’s not responsive. For a better user experience, especially for those who use mobiles to access websites, it’s very important to have a responsive website design. Every professional website designer in India understands the importance of building a website that has a responsive design. Your developer shouldn’t charge you any additional cost to create a responsive website.

    Call-to-action elements:

    For getting more leads from a website, it must have appropriate calls to action to encourage users to take action. For example, if your goal is to get users’ details, then your developer should use a call to action that says “Contact Us” to open a form. And if your aim is to get more downloads for your digital products, then your call to action button may say “Download Now”.

    Analytics and Tracking:

    Analytics and tracking tools can help website owners to understand how visitors are using their websites. The collected data then further help to analyze the behavior of users who visited the website. And according to the users’ behavior, necessary changes can be made to the website for enhancing the user experience. There are many analytic tools like Google Analytics that can be used with your website. So, you don’t have to pay any additional cost to integrate a web analytic tool with your website.

    Cost to build an informative website in India

    The cost to design & develop an informative website in India may start at $400 and may go up to $700 or more. The exact cost to build an informative website varies depending on the complexity of the web pages.

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    #2 eCommerce Website Cost (Avg. Cost $800)

    ecommerce web developers in India

    eCommerce website design cost in India

    The cost to create an eCommerce website in India may start at $800. Usually, this cost includes all the necessary features that you may need to run a successful online store. However, if you want your developer to add some advanced features to your eCommerce store, you may have to pay more to them.

    Features of a basic eCommerce website design

    Responsive design

    An eCommerce website that’s not mobile-friendly has a high chance to fail. Every professional eCommerce developer in India understands the importance of building a responsive eCommerce store. Therefore, they always include responsive website design as a part of their eCommerce website package. Don’t hire a developer who is charging additional costs for responsive website design.

    Payment gateway integration

    Payment gateway integration is yet another basic yet important feature that your Indian developer should provide with their eCommerce website package. Your developer can help you to integrate some of the popular payment methods with your online store such as PayPal & Stripe. Luckily, there are several useful plugins & modules that your developer can use to add various payment methods to your online store. So you shouldn’t have to pay any additional costs to add payment gateways to your eCommerce store.

    Seamless checkout process

    The seamless checkout process is very important for any eCommerce website to succeed online. If it takes too much time for your customers to checkout, your website may report a high order abandonment rate. Every professional website builder in India understands this and will make sure to make the checkout process on your website as smooth as possible.

    Discount coupons management

    Your eCommerce website package should also include a feature of discount coupon management. With the help of this feature, you can grab new customers by giving them attractive discounts on their overall purchases.

    Order management

    A user-friendly order management system should also be part of any eCommerce website package in India. The backend of your website should allow you to view & fulfill all the orders easily.


    Wishlist is another important feature that every successful eCommerce store has. This feature will allow your customers to add the products to their wishlist so that they can come back to your website and complete their orders in the future. Again, your web developer in India shouldn’t charge you any additional costs for incorporating a wishlist feature into your website.


    A newsletter system can help you to send emails to your existing customers and to those users who have subscribed to your newsletters. You can regularly send them some offers, discounts, and news about the latest arrivals so that they can come back to your online store and buy from you.


    A web analytic tool such as Google Analytics can show you some useful insights about the users’ behavior on your website. Based on these insights, you can then make informed decisions about your website enhancement or product modifications.

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    #3 Users Based Website Cost (Avg. Cost $3000)

    A login-based website is a type of website that requires users to signup and login to access specific features that are otherwise restricted for anonymous users.

    Some examples of login-based websites are job portals, real estate portals, car buying & selling portals, social media portals, marketplace eCommerce portals, banking web applications, and so on.

    Essential features of a login-based website

    User Registration and Login:

    User registration and login functionality are crucial for a login-based website. This feature allows users to create accounts and securely access personalized content and features. Your Indian web developer should create a user-friendly process for user registration and login.

    Secure Authentication and Data Protection:

    Prioritize secure authentication to safeguard user information. Implementing some of the encryption techniques like password hashing, and two-factor authentication (2FA) is very important. Protecting user data and privacy builds trust and credibility while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

    Personalized User Profiles:

    Your login-base website should offer features that allow users to add and update personal information, upload profile pictures, and customize preferences. Personalized user profiles enhance engagement, foster a sense of ownership, and provide a tailored experience without significant cost implications.

    User Dashboard and Account Management:

    Incorporate a user dashboard that serves as a central hub for users to manage their accounts and access relevant information. This feature allows users to view their activity history, manage settings, and perform actions conveniently. An intuitive and user-friendly dashboard optimizes the user experience without substantially increasing development costs.

    Communication and Notifications:

    Implementing effective communication and notification systems to keep users engaged and informed is another feature that your login-based website should have. Additionally, your web developer can allow users to manage their communication preferences, enabling them to control the frequency and type of notifications they receive. Cost-effective email notification integrations can be utilized to enhance user engagement.

    Mobile Responsiveness:

    Ensure your login-based website is mobile-responsive to cater to users accessing it from various devices. A mobile-responsive design provides a seamless experience across different screen sizes and improves user engagement. Several cost-effective website development frameworks and templates support mobile responsiveness, making it easier to optimize your website within your budget.

    Scalability and Future Expansion:

    Consider scalability and future expansion when developing your login-based website. Build a flexible architecture that can accommodate future feature enhancements and increase user demands. Planning for scalability from the beginning saves costs and minimizes the need for significant redevelopment down the line.

    Cost to develop a login-based website in India

    The cost to build a login-based website in India can cost you $3000 or more depending on the complexity of the features. 

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    #4 Personal Website/Blog Cost (Avg. Cost $400)

    take small business online with website development in India

    A website that represents you, your brand, or your unique talents & skills is known as a personal website.

    Cost to build a personal website in India

    The cost to build a personal website in India may start at $400 and can go up to $700 or more depending on your specific needs. 

    Who Needs a Personal Website?


    If you provide professional services like accountancy, legal services, therapy, etc. you must create a website to showcase your services.


    Are you a designer, photographer, or musician? If yes, then get a website. It will help you grow your clientele. You can showcase not only your services but also your work to impress your clients.


    Freelancers can grow their revenue manifold with the help of a professional website. Hire a professional website developer in India to build a low-cost website.

    Essential Features of a Personal Website:

    About Us Page: 

    Your personal website should have a section where you can write about yourself, your services, and your skills.

    Portfolio/Work Section: 

    Here, you can showcase your portfolio to the audience.

    Contact Page: 

    The contact page can have all the important information like contact details, such as email address, phone number, or a contact form.

    Blog/Content Section: 

    A blog section allows you to regularly share your insights, experiences, or expertise and keeps your website fresh and engaging. Most Indian web developers will add a blog section without increasing your website design cost. 


    Displaying testimonials or reviews from satisfied clients, employers, or collaborators adds credibility and builds trust.


    A CMS-driven website will allow you to make changes to your site easily without hiring any developer or designer. At Innomax, we include CMS as a part of our website design package.

    Responsive Design: 

    Your website should have a responsive design so that it looks good on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Your web developer should incorporate responsive features without increasing your website design cost. 

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    #5 Landing Page Cost (Avg. Cost $400)

    web design company india

    What is a landing page?

    In essence, a landing page is a web page that is specifically designed to drive conversions. It is the page that a visitor “lands” on after clicking on a link from an advertisement or search engine result. The goal of a landing page is to capture the visitor’s attention and persuade them to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, filling out a form, or subscribing to a newsletter.

    To be effective, a landing page must have certain essential features, as below:

    Essential features of a landing page

    Clear and concise messaging: 

    A landing page should have a clear message that matches the visitor’s intent when clicking on the link. The messaging should be concise, easy to understand, and focused on the benefits of the offer.

    Strong and attention-grabbing headline: 

    The headline is the first thing a visitor will see when they arrive on the landing page. It should be strong, attention-grabbing, and clearly communicate the main benefit or value proposition of the offer.

    A compelling offer: 

    A landing page should offer something of value to the visitor, such as a free trial, discount, or exclusive content. The offer should be presented in a way that makes it clear why it is valuable and why the visitor should take advantage of it.

    A clear call-to-action (CTA): 

    The CTA is the button or link that visitors can click on to take a desired action such as call now, inquiry form, download, newsletter signup, etc. It should be prominently displayed, visually distinct, and use action-oriented language that clearly communicates what will happen when the button is clicked.

    Minimal distractions: 

    A landing page should be free of distractions that might take visitors away from the main goal of the page. This means avoiding unnecessary links, buttons, or information that doesn’t support the primary goal of the page.

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    Cost to build a landing page in India

    When you hire an Indian web developer to create a landing page, you may have to pay $400 or more.

    #6 Multi-vendor eCommerce Cost (Avg. Cost $3000)

    mobile application development in India

    What is a marketplace eCommerce website?

    A marketplace eCommerce store is an online platform that connects multiple vendors and customers to buy and sell goods and services. The store acts as a mediator between the vendors and the customers, providing a platform for vendors to showcase their products and services and for customers to browse and purchase them.

    Essential features of a marketplace store include:

    User registration and profile management: Allow customers and vendors to create accounts and manage their profiles.

    Product listing and management: 

    Vendors should be able to add their products and services to the marketplace and manage their inventory, pricing, and descriptions.

    Shopping cart and checkout: 

    A shopping cart system allows customers to add products to their cart, view their total purchase amount, and complete the checkout process.

    Payment gateway integration: 

    Payment gateways allow customers to securely pay for their purchases using various payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, or online payment systems. Your marketplace development package should also include the payment gateway integration.  

    Reviews and ratings: 

    Allow customers to leave feedback on products and services they have purchased, providing social proof for other potential buyers.

    Search and filter: 

    A search function and filter system helps customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily. A professional web developer understands the importance of a robust search & filter feature for any eCommerce website or a marketplace store. 

    Customer service and support: 

    Provide customer support through various channels, such as email, phone, or chat, to help customers resolve any issues or questions they may have.

    Indian web developers can help you to create a multi-vendor eCommerce site at an affordable cost. 

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    Below are some of the frequently asked questions from our clients that may help you to understand how can we help you.

    How much time will it take to develop a website?

    For a basic WordPress website development, we take 2-3 weeks however for an e-commerce web design, it may take more than a month. The actual timeframe to build a website depends on your requirements.

    What are your payment terms?

    We require a 50% down payment to get the work started and the remaining 50% upon work completion.

    Do you provide website fixing services?

    Yes, at Innomax, we can help you to fix all the errors and issues on your website. Innomax is a leading WordPress web design company in India that provides affordable website fixing services.

    Which platform do you use to create websites?

    In most cases, we use WordPress CMS to create websites however we can also work on Drupal, OpenCart, Magento, Shopify, PHP & PHP frameworks such as Laravel & CodeIgniter.

    Do you provide any service warranty?

    Yes, we do provide a free service warranty of 3 months after your website development is completed. During these 3 months, we will help you to fix any kind of bugs or errors that may arise on your website.

    How much do you charge to build a website?

    Now, we are offering $450 to build a basic website however for an e-commerce website development, our basic package starts at $800. Our charges may vary depending on your requirements.

    Do you offer any complimentary services?

    Yes, we do. When you hire us for your website development, we offer you free logo design services and free web hosting for the first year. 

    Can you build a low-cost eCommerce website?

    Yes, we can assist you to create an eCommerce website at an affordable cost. We use WooCommerce to build eCommerce websites. Innomax is a preferred WooCommerce website design company in India for many businesses around the world.

    I already have a website. Can you help me?

    Yes, we can help you to design a new website or redesign your existing website as well.

    How will you secure my website?

    When you hire Innomax to build your website, you don’t need to worry about security. We take care of your website’s security.

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