If you are working hard on your eCommerce website development or its marketing, you definitely won’t want to make critical mistakes that may lead to the failure of your eCommerce business in its infancy.

e-commerce web design mistakes

In this blog post, we are going to share 7 such eCommerce website mistakes that every eCommerce business owner must avoid, at any cost.

Let’s start.

#1 Aiming For Perfection

Many webmasters try to make their eCommerce stores perfect in every sense and keep delaying their launch. 

During their perfection journey, they tend to invest all of their time, resources & money in their website development because they want to get it right, the first time. 

This is one of the most critical mistakes that many businesses do.

When developing a new website, you must always focus to get it going as soon as possible so that you can test the website and its performance in the live environment. 

Of course, tracking is the key.

Once you track and detect the critical issues in the performance of your website, you can then put your effort & money into its improvement.

The whole idea is to save your investment & resources for the website’s improvement; rather than spending all on its development only.

#2 Poor Content

Be it the content for products, about the company, or blogs, poor quality can kill not only the reputation of your brand but can also affect your overall sales.

It is not difficult to find lots of eCommerce websites that have either grammatical errors or illogical sentences

An eCommerce business doesn’t get successful by just launching a great-looking website, but its content also matters a lot

Most of the serious users who wish to buy products from your website will really read each & every line of the product that they are interested in. Therefore, you can’t simply afford to have poor-quality of content on your eCommerce store.

#3 Poor Quality Software

For any eCommerce website to be successful, its development software matters a lot. 

Yes, the software or CMS that you choose to build your eCommerce website matters a lot for the success of your business. Therefore, a significant amount of consideration is required to choose the right platform for your website.

Several business owners make the mistake of choosing subscription-based software for which they have to pay on monthly basis, whether they sell any product on their website or not.

For all startups & small businesses, we always recommend WordPress to develop eCommerce websites because of its certain benefits. But the most important reason for choosing WordPress is that it’s free to use

A business that has limited or no obligations in its infancy stage has a higher chance of making profits quickly as compared to those that have endless liabilities from the 1st day of its inception. 

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#4 Poor Design

Design is the first element that every visitor notices on any eCommerce website when they enter. All that it takes is 5-6 seconds to capture the visitors’ attention and if the design of any website fails to do so, the business starts losing money.

Therefore, it’s always recommended to hire only professional web designers for your eCommerce website development. Just for the sake of saving some money, you can’t afford to compromise on the quality.

There are many things that a web designer can take care of while designing the mockup of any website. Some of them are the right color combinations, structure, loading speed, responsive web design, and so on. 

#5 Poor Conversion

Did you know?

About 1% of the total website visitors will buy from your website. This is a standard ratio according to the various online studies. Anything less than that can simply lead to the failure of an eCommerce business.

How to achieve a conversion of a minimum of 1% or more? 

By improving the usability & shopping process, your web developer can help you to achieve a higher conversation rate. This can include nice graphics, fonts, images, and easy-to-navigate menus on the website. 

#6 Cluttered Web Design

To improve the conversion rate of any eCommerce website, it’s important to de-clutter its design.

It’s always recommended to have a clean website design that will lead to more sales & a higher conversion rate. 

There are several eCommerce websites out there that display tons of products on the same page with the wrong expectation that the buyers will have more options to buy. 

While showing up a variety of products is a great idea, the way to present it matters a lot.

Your web designer must ensure that all of your webpages should have a clutter-free structure for the users to view & proceed ahead to buy products easily from your website.   

#7 No Tracking

We can’t emphasize the importance of having web analytics software integrated with your eCommerce website.

In the absence of a proper tracking system, you don’t get to know the performance of your website. And when you don’t measure the performance, you can’t make improvements. 

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