With the increasing number of e-commerce businesses, comes the increased usage of WooCommerce. 

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With about 2.3 million e-commerce businesses said to be making use of WooCommerce globally, WooCommerce marks itself as one of the best tools that can be used to create and manage an online with the many features it offered. 

Offering a lot of advantages to website developers and businesses, here are 7 reasons why every small e-commerce business should choose WooCommerce.

1. WooCommerce Pricing

Price always has, and will still be an essential factor to be considered by small businesses when choosing a website developer for their eCommerce business. 

WooCommerce is a free plugin that could be used with any WordPress website to build an e-commerce store efficiently. 

What’s more. If you want to customize your WooCommerce website, you can easily find & hire affordable WordPress developers in India who could help you to customize your theme, and plugins or even develop new plugins. 

2. WooCommerce Is WordPress

Anyone who is or has been familiar with WordPress will also find WooCommerce very familiar because the two are similar in their functionalities and features except that why WordPress can be used to create a blog or a website, WooCommerce is mainly designed to be used for e-commerce businesses.

The basics of WooCommerce are very much similar to that of WordPress making it very easy for retailers of small companies to be able to create an e-commerce business platform, and efficiently manage it as well.

3. WooCommerce Is Scale-able

When you choose WooCommerce for your e-store development, you don’t need to worry about the scalability of your website. 

WooCommerce can be easily customized & tailor-made to the specific needs of your business. 

What’s more. 

There is an abundance of WooCommerce developers in India who are always ready to create your online store or modify your existing e-commerce website.  

4. WooCommerce Is An Open Source

One of the major reasons that most e-commerce business owners and web developers prefer to use WooCommerce is that it’s open-source.

What does that mean?

It simply means that WooCommerce is available free of cost to use and it will always be free. So you don’t need to pay any subscription charges or fees in order to use WooCommerce.  

5. Content Management System

It is important to note that content plays a significant role in the growth of any e-commerce business because its strength and quality are what attract and convince customers to what to engage with the company. 

WooCommerce provides easy-to-use & intuitive interface editing tools to manage the contents of your products and the website as well.

6. WooCommerce Is Fast

WooCommerce is known to be a very responsive and speedy tool to create an e-commerce website. 

E-Commerce websites built using WooCommerce load faster on browsers as compared to other platforms. 

Additionally, there are several cache plugins available in the WordPress repository that can be used with a WooCommerce website to further improve the loading speed of the website.

7. WooCommerce Grows With Your Business

Just like WordPress, WooCommerce grows as your business grows giving your business an option of migration from one account state to another state without disrupting the activities that go on with the platform and also keeping all the features and plugins intact.

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