Do you have a unique idea for which you want to create a mobile application but are not sure how to proceed?

Here are 11 questions that you must ask yourself when you need a mobile app:

#1 Who’s my target audience?

The first question that you must ask yourself when an idea pops up in your mind to build a mobile app is “Who will be my target audience?”.

  1. What are the demographic details (age group, interest, income, etc.) of my audience?
  2. What are the geographic details of my audience?

Based on the answers to the above questions, you must draft a concept for your mobile application.

#2 Who are my competitors?

Do you have any competitors? 

If yes, what are their strategies? What kind of apps do they have?

You must do intensive research on their apps, to ensure that your app has more features and it’s better than your competition.

#3 What's my budget?

Decide upon a budget to build your mobile app.

You can split your overall budget into different phases like:

  • Mobile apps designing
  • Mobile apps development
  • Mobile apps enhancement
  • Mobile apps maintenance

In order to build & run an application, you will require all of the above services.

If you choose a native app over a hybrid one, your app development budget may be higher. If you are not sure about the budget, you may consult your app developer too.

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#4 Should I choose native apps or hybdrid apps?

Choosing between a native app or a hybrid app will affect your app development cost & time tremendously.

If your app requires access to the native features of your users’ devices such as camera, microphone, etc., you must consider choosing native over hybrid. 

Although native app development costs more than hybrid apps, native apps can provide you with more accuracy and fine graphics too.

#5 Do I need website design too?

Do you need a standalone app or do you need a website too? 

Whether you need a website or not, depends on your overall strategy. If you wish to cater to a larger audience, you may like to consider developing a website that can be synchronized with your mobile application

If you need a website to complement your mobile app, then you must hire an app developer who has web development skills too.

#6 Do I need Android or iOS or both?

Which platform does the majority of your target audience use? Is it iOS or Android? 

Perhaps you may not be sure. 

If you aren’t sure or if you know that your target audience uses both iOS & Android, then you must go for both.

#7 What will be the mandatory features of my app?

What are some of the necessary features that you need to launch your app?

List them down and discuss them with your app developer to ensure that your MVP (minimum viable product) must have those features.

Here are some of the features that your app may require:

  • Signup/Login
  • Payment gateway
  • GPS
  • Push notifications
  • Search
  • Profile matching
  • E-Commerce

The cost of app development entirely depends on the features that you need.

#8 Where can I find affordable app developers?

The next step is to search for and hire a mobile app developer.

Your app developer must have the below qualities:

  • Communication skills
  • Project understanding
  • Experience
  • Nice portfolio
  • Nice testimonials
  • Affordability
  • Support

If your local app developers are charging high for your application development, you may consider hiring affordable app developers in India.

#9 Is there any launch date?

Do you have any specified launch date for your app? If your idea is unique & new, you may want to launch it asap.

Therefore, you must take quick action and hire an app developer to get it going.

#10 What will be the name of my app?

When you hire an app developer, the first question that you will be asked would be “What will be the name of your app?”. 

Have you already decided upon any name for your app yet? If not, do it now.

#11 What color(s) should I use for my app?

Different colors convey different messages. Therefore, you must choose the colors of your mobile app according to your business concept. 

Take some time to think, research & consult before you finalize any color theme for your application.

In case of any doubt, again you may also consult your app builder  to understand more about the color selection.

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