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When you need a website & you are looking for a web developer, here are some of the important questions that you must ask yourself in order to make your website design & web maintenance experience wonderful.

#1 What should be my target audience?

Even before you think about any domain name or hosting or hiring a web designer, you must list down the regions or countries that you will be targeting. If you wish to build an eCommerce website, you need to decide upon the regions where you will be selling your products.

Why this is so important for your website development?

Based on your target audience only, you may need to consider a domain name and hosting.

Like, if you need to target local customers, you may consider choosing a domain name that has a local extension. 

For instance, if your potential customers are in the United Kingdom, you need a domain that has .co.uk as its extension. 

However, if you don’t have any geographic restrictions, you may use a .com domain name.

#2 Which domain name should I choose?

A domain name is the unique identity of your online business. Therefore, you must give it considerable thought before you choose a domain name.

You may choose a domain name that has:

a. Your brand name or company name
b. Your product name
c. Your keywords

Here are a few tips to choose a domain name for your website.

#3 Which hosting company shall I choose?

Web hosting can break or make a website. So, it’s crucial to choose a reliable yet affordable web hosting company for your website.

You must choose a web hosting vendor that provides:

a. 24/7 support
b. 99.9% uptime (minimum downtime)
c. Backup support
d. Migration support
e. Protection from viruses and malware

#4 Which web designer should I hire?

Again, choosing a reliable website designer is very crucial to the success of your website.

You must hire a web designer who
a. Is experienced
b. Provides support
c. Provides service warranty
d. Understands your requirements
e. Communicates well
f. Takes responsibility

Hiring a local web designer may cost you a lot. So, if you want to build your website on a shoestring budget, you may consider hiring a web designer in India.

When you hire a web designer or developer in India, you may get a corporate website for as low as a few hundred dollars, and for an eCommerce website, you may end up paying as low as $1000.

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#5 Do I need a custom web design?

Whether you need a custom web design or a ready-made one, depends on your budget.

A custom web design is a tailor-made design that’s created exclusively for your website. It may require a lot of time to create unique designs and hence, the cost of web design may increase if you go for a custom design. 

However, you can save your design cost tremendously when you use a pre-defined or ready-made theme.

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#6 Will I control my website?

Do you need a static website or a CMS one? 

If you are a bit technical and wish to take control of the content on your website, you may go for a CMS to build your website.

A CMS like WordPress can enable you to manage the website easily, without the help of any web designer. 

In other words, you don’t need to hire a web designer each time you need some content changes to your website. You can do it on your own.

A CMS website may cost you a bit higher than a static HTML website, but in long run, you may save a lot.

#7 Will I need regular changes & updates on my website?

What are your plans?

Do you intend to make regular changes or add new features to your website along the way?

If yes, you may consider hiring a web designer who can provide you with long-term support & maintenance too.

#8 What’s the deadline for me to launch my website?

How soon do you need to launch your website? 

If you need it urgently, you may start searching for a web designer or web design company and hire them to create your website.

Do you need urgent help on your website but need a web designer at an affordable price? Hire a web designer in India to save your web development cost.

#9 Do I need SEO after my website is completed?

The major reason to develop a website is to get traffic on it and increase sales & leads. When it comes to getting organic traffic on any website, SEO is considered one of the most effective mediums to achieve this.

For any website to get organic rankings on search engines, it’s important that all the SEO norms are followed while its development. Therefore, if you intend to run an SEO campaign for your website, do ensure that your web designer knows how to build an SEO-friendly website.

The good news is that most of the web design companies in India also provide SEO services, so you can still get an SEO-friendly website at an affordable cost.

#10 What's My Web Design Budget

Last, but not least question that you must ask yourself is “How much should I spend on my website development?”.

If you need a website at a low cost, you can hire a web designer in India who can help you to build a corporate website for just a few hundred dollars. And if you need an eCommerce website, you may get it for less than $1000.

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