mobile app developer in India

When you are looking to build a mobile application for your startup or small business, you must hire Indian app developers. If you are living in a country like America, Australia, Canada, or the United Kingdom, it may be very expensive for you to hire a local app developer to create your mobile application.

mobile app developer in India

There are a lot of reasons why you should hire a mobile app developer in India to create your mobile application.

First, it’s much cheaper to outsource your app development project to Indian companies as opposed to hiring them locally.

Secondly, you can find a wide range of such companies and developers in India. There are really lots of companies in India that can help you to create a profitable mobile application.

Lastly, most Indian app development companies have multi-skilled staff onboard.

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In this blog post, we have shared 6 important team members that every Indian app development company has.

Let’s begin!

#1 Android developers

Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones in the world. This means, Android is huge, and every startup should build their app for Android before anything else.

Most mobile app development companies in India have a team of Android developers who can create profitable Android apps for their clients.

There’s a huge demand for Android developers to create new apps and improve existing ones. Android developers tend to be very good at Java, which is the programming language used to write Android apps. They also tend to be pretty good at XML and SQL, which are the standard ways of storing data on Android.

#2 iOS developers

An iOS developer is a software developer who builds applications for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch platforms. If you have an app idea and you don’t have the coding know-how or the budget for a designer and coder, then you can outsource it to an iOS developer in India who can build your app for you.

In a recent survey, the top three most common skills that iOS developers have are Objective-C (a programming language used to build native iOS apps), Cocoa (which is an application framework that makes it easier for developers to write software for OS X and iOS) and C# (a language that Microsoft created).

An iOS developer is an indispensable part of any mobile app development team in India.

#3 Web programmers

In most cases, the mobile app developers need the assistance of a web programmer to write codes for the web services that can be used as an API for the apps. Therefore, a web developer is also an important part of the team in an Indian mobile app development company.

The web programmer in the mobile app developers team may require good experience in PHP, Python, XML, JavaScript, MySQL, etc.

#4 Graphic designers

A graphic designer also plays a vital role in the app development company. It’s the graphic designer who would create attractive & intuitive user interfaces that mobile app developers can use to build the applications. It is the creativity and out-of-the-box imagination of a graphic designer that makes the mobile application successful.

#5 Project managers

In most app development companies in India, a project manager is assigned to the team of mobile app builders. The role of a project manager is to coordinate with the team and the client to make sure that the final product (the mobile application) is created as per the requirements.

The project manager is also responsible for the timely deliverables & quality assurance of a mobile app team in India.

#6 Testers

Mobile testing is an important part of making sure your app works on all different kinds of devices, screen sizes, and operating systems. You’ll want to test your application on both real devices and emulators.

The role of a tester is to check the mobile applications to ensure their usability & functional performance. A tester would work closely with the team of app builders to make sure that all the bugs & errors in the mobile application have been taken care of.

In other words, the testers in a mobile app development company in India are responsible for finding bugs and issues in a mobile application before the application is released to the public.

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