mobile apps developer India for users experienceBuilding a mobile app for your business is no more a big deal now.

You can easily think about a unique concept, hire an affordable mobile app developer and get it going.

The evidence of this fact is that there are numerous mobile apps available for both Android & iOS. But not all of them get successful

One of the most important ingredients to make a mobile app successful is its user experience.

The more intuitive your app’s user experience is, the higher will be the chances that you will get more downloads & engagement.

In this blog post, we will be sharing 7 tips to enhance the user experience of any mobile app.

#1 Error-Free Flow

The error-free flow of an app is as important as its existence. When your users experience issues in your app repeatedly, they immediately quit your app, and quite often, they would uninstall it from their device.

Most app developers don’t pay attention to testing the whole flow logically & technically.

This is the reason that you must always hire an experienced & reliable app developer.

You can find many reliable mobile app developers in India who can deliver the best applications at affordable prices.

#2 Visuals

Mobile apps are more visual. Especially with the never-ending enhancements in the display technologies of devices, it has become more important than ever for app developers to take care of the graphics and designs of a mobile app.

This is the reason you must always hire experienced app developers from India who is good at graphic designing too.

By launching an app that has poor visuals & graphics, you are almost killing the probability of your success.

#3 Loading Speed

Loading speed is of utmost importance for the success of any mobile app.


No matter how intuitive is your mobile app, if the users have to wait each time they launch your app, in order to enjoy its features, chances are that they will quit the app immediately.

What’s worse?

If your users face slow loading problems quite often, they could even uninstall your app forever.

#4 One Objective

Apps with multiple & and unrelated sections always confuse the users and hence affect their browsing experience badly.

If you intend to achieve different business objectives, invest in multiple apps. But as a rule of thumb, you must focus on one single objective for one mobile app.

If you observe the top & most popular mobile apps worldwide, you will notice that all of them focus on a single business objective.

An attempt to introduce multiple business objectives into a single app may result in business failure. Don’t let that happen to you.

#5 Clear & Appropriate Messages

Don’t assume that your users understand everything. Your app may have both tech-savvy & layman users. Therefore, you must make sure that your app shows appropriate messages on each action performed by the users.

For example, if you want your users to click on an important block, you must show an intuitive button to make it obvious. Another example is when the users perform any action, do make sure to show a clear & prominent success message.

#6 Usage Of Colours

What is your brand colour scheme?

Do not confuse users by using different colours unless they are aligned with your business branding.

No matter in which section they are, your users must always experience the same look & feel of your app. They must not feel that you have not maintained your colours consistently or they are being sent to another app altogether.

If you are asked to tell the colour scheme of a renowned mobile app like WhatsApp, you can answer in 1-2 seconds that it’s green. In the same way, your audience must be able to recognise your business app too.

#7 Platform Consideration

Currently, there are 2 major mobile platforms. Android & iOS. 

Does your target audience use Android, iOS, or both?

If you are unsure, you must consider building your apps on both platforms.

Even when you choose to build your mobile apps for both platforms, you must ensure that every user gets the best experience with their respective platform/device.

Not both platforms are the same in terms of usability. So you must test your apps for both iOS & Android and if required, you must make changes in the design accordingly, in order to ensure the best user experience.

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