Are you planning to hire a website developer in India to create a website for you? Great choice!

But you have several questions or concerns related to the website designing cost in India.

In this blog post, we have shared 10 common questions that most website owners have related to the web development cost in India.

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#1 How much does a website for a small business cost in India?

This is perhaps the most frequently asked question that our clients ask us. “How much does a website cost for a small business”. Since the budget is the constraint for most small businesses, they don’t want to spend too much on their website development.

Usually, a website builder in India would charge you $500 to create your small business website. However, if you live in the USA, UK, or Canada, you may have to pay more than $1000 to create a fully functional small business website.

At Innomax we charge $500 to create a small business website and at this price, we provide all the basic features or items such as:

  • Responsive website design
  • Secured backend
  • Web hosting & logo design
  • Animated header on the homepage
  • Assistance to upload the content
  • SEO-friendly codes
  • Quick loading webpages
  • Assistance to learn website management

#2 How much does it costs to build an eCommerce website in India?

If you want to build an eCommerce website to sell your products or services online, you may have to pay more than creating a corporate website.

An Indian web design company may charge you around $1000 to create an eCommerce website however if you hire a local developer in your country (if you live in the countries like the USA, UK, or Canada) you may have to pay a few thousand of dollars to create your online store.

At Innomax, we charge $900 only to create an eCommerce store. In this website package, we provide below items/features:

  • Easy product management
  • CMS integration
  • All the basic plugins installation that you need to grow your eCommerce business
  • SEO-friendly codes
  • Quick loading webpages
  • Assistance to learn website management
  • Logo design and web hosting

#3 How much does a 5-page website cost in India?

When any developer creates a website for you using a CMS such as WordPress, the number of pages doesn’t matter a lot.

A CMS-driven website enables you to create dozens, even hundreds of web pages (in the case of eCommerce websites) yourself.

Having said above, whether you need a 5-page website or a 15-page website, the cost to create a website will remain more or less the same. It means you can get a 5-page website in India at $500 only. 

As mentioned earlier, you will still have the option to increase the number of pages in the future, when required.

#4 Do I have to pay monthly for my website?

Are you wondering “how much does a website cost per month in India?”.

This answer is “No”, you don’t need to pay any monthly charges for your website. 

The cost of website development has to be paid one-time only. 

However, you may have to pay some recurring charges on the annual basis to maintain your website. These recurring changes could be (but are not limited to):

  • Website hosting
  • Domain name registration & renewal
  • Charges of a plugin (such as live chat, security, etc.)

#5 Do I have to pay for the logo or it’s included in the website cost?

Some website builders in India may charge you separately for the logo design while others may include it in your website development quotation only.

At Innomax, we always include logo designing in our website design quote. This is one of the reasons that we are among the most affordable website design companies in India.

#6 How much is the website hosting cost?

Different web hosting companies charge different prices. If you are a startup, you must go for a shared web hosting package.

For shared web hosting, you may have to pay as little as $5 per month. But if you are looking for a VPS or a dedicated hosting plan, you may have to pay more than $15 per month.

If you are using WordPress for your website development, a shared web hosting package would do well for you.

#7 Can I create a free website using WordPress?

If you have a little technical knowledge, you can definitely create a basic website using WordPress free of cost. 

Now, this label “free of cost” is applicable only to the website set up but not to the website hosting and domain name registration charges. It means you will still have to pay to host your website and register your domain name.

But if you want a custom design for your WordPress website or if you need some changes to be done in your existing plugins, then you may have to hire a professional WordPress developer who can help you.

With a free website setup, you can hardly build a professional-looking website unless you possess the required technical/web development skills.

#8 How much do Indian developers charge to do additional changes to the website?

There is no standard price that Indian web developers follow to develop a website or make changes to it. However, you can easily find a lot of website design firms in India that will charge as low as $10 per hour.

So let’s say if you have some web development requirements that require a developer to put in 30 hours, you may have to pay $300 to get that job done.

#9 In how many installments do I need to pay the cost of my website development?

Usually, the web designing companies in India would split the whole website development cost into two parts. 

The first 50% of the website development cost could be the upfront payment that you will have to pay in order to get the work started. And the remaining 50% you may have to pay upon the completion of your web development.

At Innomax, we are flexible with the payment terms. Depending on the project size and the total web development cost, we do provide flexible payment terms to our clients.

#10 What are the payment methods available to pay the Indian web developers?

If you are hiring a web developer in India or an Indian web designing company, you can pay them through PayPal, Stripe, or Bank Transfer. These days, many web developers have also started accepting payments through CryptoCurrency.

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