Taking care of your WordPress website is as important as its development. If you don’t maintain your website, you may experience several issues like the below:

  • Malicious code injections. 
  • Slow-loading web pages.
  • Chances of getting hacked.
  • Poor user experience. 

If you are counting on your website to grow your business, you can’t afford to have these serious issues on your website. Therefore, it’s important for you to maintain your website regularly. 

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When we talk about website maintenance, backup is perhaps the most important element that should be taken care of. Even when you engage a web design company or website builder, they would help you to back up your website regularly. 

Why website backups are so important?

  • A backup gives you protection against human errors. 
  • It ensures that you won’t lose any important data. 
  • You can restore your functional backup in case of any unforeseeable issues like server problems, software compatibility issues, etc. 

Now that we know the importance of taking regular backups of a website, let’s have a look over some of the great WordPress plugins that can make your backup process easier & convenient. 

In this blog post, we have shared the 5 best plugins that can help you to back up your WordPress website effectively and seamlessly.

#1 UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is one of the best plugins available to back up a WordPress website.

With its free version also, you can easily set up full backups of all your website files including your database, plugins, and themes.

Also, the UpdraftPlus plugin makes it easier for you to restore your backup without having any technical knowledge. You don’t have to engage a website developer to take a backup or restore your website when you install this plugin with your website.

With the premium UpdraftPlus plugin, you can also set to save your website backups to the storage platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Download link for UpdraftPlus

#2 VaultPress

VaultPress is not just a backup plugin but also helps you to secure your WordPress website.

Perhaps, VaultPress is one of the best security plugins for WordPress websites that have been developed by Automattic, the team behind WordPress.com.

Why should you use VaultPress?

VaultPress helps you to keep an up-to-date backup of your site with daily syncing. Not only that but as we mentioned it’s a security plugin too, it will perform the necessary security scans on your website regularly, so that you can easily identify potential threats and hire a website builder to fix them.

Download link for VaultPress

#3 BackupBuddy

With over half a million installations, you can really count on this backup plugin for your WordPress website.

Here are some of the benefits of using the BackupBuddy plugin:

  • A few clicks process to back up your entire website.
  • The ability to schedule automated backups
  • Store the backups in a remote location such as DropBox.
  • Database scan and repair.
  • BackupBuddy also does a free malware scan of your WordPress site
  • It also provides some great features for your website developer such as database mass text replacement & WordPress cron manager.

 Download link for BackupBuddy

#4 Duplicator

As the name says, this plugin can help you to create a duplicate version of your website in a zip format that you can download & install on other servers.

A Duplicator plugin is usually used by web developers when they have to migrate a WordPress website from one server to another.

Because it allows them to migrate a pre-configured WordPress site to a different location, this plugin is commonly used by developers. But you can use it to save backups of your complete website too.

Other than the basic backup feature, the Duplicator plugin also allows you to store your website files on cloud storage too.

Download link for Duplicator

#5 BackupWordPress

BackupWordPress is yet another efficient plugin to back up your WordPress website. The best part about this plugin is that it’s easy to install & configure.

You can easily change its configuration and allow or disallow any of the files or folders to be included in the backup. You can also change the location of the backup store on your server because, by default, it’s set to “wp-content/backups”.

Download link for BackupWordPress

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