We all know that hiring Indian web developers can down the cost of your website development. But do you really know how Indian website builders can provide you with a low-cost website? Well, there are several reasons, a few of them being:

  • Hiring manpower in India is more affordable than in other developed & developing nations. 
  • There is an abundance of website developers in India, which means you can get several quotes (ranging from lowest to highest) for your web development. 
  • Most Indian web developers use CMS such as WordPress for building websites. 

If you are not familiar with the term “CMS” and not sure why you must use CMS for your website development, this blog post is for you.

CMS Web Developers In India

What’s CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System.  Technically speaking, CMS is a software application or a tool that can be used to build & manage a website and its contents. One of the best examples of CMS is WordPress. 

In this blog post, we have shared 5 major reasons for you or your website developer to use CMS. 

Let’s begin, shall we?

#1 CMS is easy to use

One of the major reasons to use CMS for website development is that it’s easy to use. Yes, even a layman webmaster can manage & create website content without having any technical skills. 

Especially when you use WordPress for your website development, you can do most of the things yourself, like:

  • Adding & editing contents.
  • Adding & editing images and videos. 
  • Changing color schemes of graphics such as buttons. 
  • Adding basic features by simply integrating plugins with your website. 

In other words, you can take control of your website when you choose WordPress as your preferred CMS to build your website. 

#2 CMS is affordable

Most of the CMS platforms are available free-of-cost to download & use. Not only that, being an open-source architecture, the majority of the CMS’s allow your website developer to customize the codes & structure of your website.

Again, if you use WordPress as your CMS, you get below monetary benefits:

  • Most of the WordPress plugins & themes are either free-to-use or nominally charged.
  • WordPress developers are available at an affordable cost.
  • WordPress websites don’t require high configuration servers, so you can easily subscribe to low cost website hosting packages.

All you need to do is, just hire an affordable web developer who can set up your CMS website, install all the required plugins & themes with your website and make it fully functional according to your specific requirements. 

Again, if you want to save your website development cost, you can also consider hiring Indian web developers.

#3 CMS is SEO-friendly

One of the best things about CMS’s is that they are SEO-friendly. Especially CMS like WordPress that has an SEO-friendly framework can really help you to secure higher rankings on search engines. 

Below are some of the ways in which a CMS platform like WordPress can boost your SEO rankings:

  • There are several great SEO plugins that can be integrated with a WordPress website for defining meta tags such as title, description, and alt tags for images. 
  • All the WordPress themes are mobile-responsive, with a few exceptions. 
  • The WordPress loading speed can be optimized with the help of many cache plugins that are available free of cost. By optimizing the loading speed, you can get higher chances of ranking your website on search engines. 
  • There are several WordPress plugins that can help you to write SEO-friendly content that’s focused on your primary keywords. 

#4 CMS is easy to maintain & redesign

Along with the other benefits of using CMS, you also get the advantage of maintaining your website hassle-free

As mentioned above already, CMS enables you to manage the contents & images on your website easily. Even a layman webmaster can take control of his website. 

It’s not about maintenance only, but CMS-driven websites are easy to redesign as well. In many cases, redesigning a WordPress website is as easy as switching over a theme and setting up a few configurations. However, at times, you may need the help of your WordPress developer if your website revamping requires several customizations. 

#5 CMS developers are easily available

When you use any CMS platform to build your website, you won’t find any difficulty in searching & hiring developers because CMS developers are available in abundance. 

Since there is no shortage of CMS developers in the market, you can easily hire one within your budget. And if your web development budget is too low, you can consider hiring Indian web builders who can help you to build, maintain and upgrade your website at an affordable price. 

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