Are you looking for a WordPress developer in India, but not sure which developer or company you should hire? 

No problem, we are here to help you! 

wordpress website developer in India

No, we won’t give you any reasons to hire us for your WordPress website development. 

We will just share some of the important yet unbiased information that will help you to hire a web developer wisely.

5 Things to look out for before you hire a WordPress web developer in India:

#1 Experience

Web designing & development has become a “so-called” lucrative business for many newbie developers. 

What they do. 

They simply work in a company for 6 months or a year and then start their own business. 

These developers are not thinking about helping their customers, but they are focusing more on earning money. 

As a customer, you may have to face the consequences. 

By hiring these web developers, who don’t have much experience, your project may get done unprofessionally, sometimes even with lots of bugs, and most of the time, half-done.

Therefore, before hiring any WordPress developer in India, you must check their experience first. Because… Experience does matter. 

Btw, we have got more than 10 years of experience in web development. Just sharing, no selling…

#2 Designing Skills

Can you afford to have a website that’s beautifully done, but have lots of bugs? 

Or, would you be happy to have a website that’s fully-function but lacks aesthetic elements? 

Well, the answer to both of the above scenarios is “No”. For any website to be successful, it must have a nice design, as well as fully-functional features. 

Before hiring a WordPress developer in India, do ensure to check their design skills. Perhaps they can also have professional website designers on their team. 

How to check the design skills of your developer? 

Simply ask them to share some of their past works with you, so that you can measure the level of their design skills. 

Many website developers would claim that it’s not their responsibility to make the websites beautiful. 

That’s a bull… 

A web developer must possess sufficient designing skills to craft a website & make it presentable, not just finish and throw it on the web.

#3 Programming Skills

Hey, did you know? Developing a website using WordPress is very simple. If none of the website developers ever told you, let us take the courage to reveal this truth. 

But the challenge appears when your website requires some customizations, in order to meet your specific requirements. 

Then, it’s the programming skills of a web developer, that count. You can easily find a web developer who can help you choose the WordPress theme, install some plugins and make your website work. 

Honestly speaking, you could also do this much if you have got a few technical skills. But rare are the cases where you don’t need any sort of customizations. 

When your website developer doesn’t possess programming skills, they would just make excuses that the changes in codes weren’t included in the scope of work. 

Sounds familiar? 

Therefore, in order to avoid any kind of disputes or conflicts, do make sure that your Indian WordPress developer possesses the required programming or web coding skills.

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#4 SEO

No, we don’t mean to say that your WordPress developer must know SEO, however, he or she should know how to develop an SEO-friendly website. 

If you are thinking about how in the world a web developer can know SEO, let us explain. 

Most of the Indian web design agencies have their in-house SEO team too. 

And those companies do train their website designers & developers to follow SEO norms while building any website. 

Before you hire a WordPress developer in India, do make sure to conduct a check on the SEO ability of that company or developer. 

After all, the primary objective to create a website is to get relevant traffic and get more business. 

And we all know that SEO is one of the best mediums to get targeted traffic on any website.

#5 Communication & Support

Is your website developer able to communicate with you effectively? 

Yes, the communication skills of any WordPress developer are vital to the successful completion of any website. 

In the absence of effective communication, your project may go haywire. Align with the communication, your developer must also provide prompt support. 

Website development is not a one-time event. Rather, it’s a never-ending process, at least for the long-term & serious players. 

Therefore, the ability of your WordPress developer to provide prompt support is something you can’t afford to compromise on. Not even on the cost of cheap website design.

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