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If yes, then outsourcing your website design project to an Indian web development company would be the right choice for you. 

Why an Indian web development company for your website building?

  • Website developers in India are affordable to hire.  
  • Most Indian website builders are well-versed in SEO (search engine optimization).
  • You can easily find a website developer in India who can be available for you according to your own time zone. 
  • Most website builders in India are good at communication. 

But before you start seeking web design proposals from web design companies in India, you must know the architecture or hierarchy of their web development team.

6 Important members of a website development team in India

Being a web design company in India, we can take you through the hierarchy of a web development team and make you aware of their important team members.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Web designer

A web designer is an integral part of the Indian website development team. It’s the web designer who creatively drafts a website’s layout.

The job of a website designer is to create mockups & propose designs for clients. 

After the design is approved, the website designer would then coordinate with the HTML developers to convert the PSD to HTML or PSD to WordPress

Below are some of the tools on which a website designer works:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Corel Draw

So it won’t be wrong to say that a website designer is a creative mind behind any web development team in India. 

#2 HTML developer

The next step after designing a website’s layout is to convert it into HTML. 

Therefore, it’s the job of an HTML developer to coordinate with the website designer and convert the PSD to HTML. 

An HTML developer usually works on:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

After converting the PSD designs to HTML, the HTML developer would then coordinate with the website developers to get started with the web development. 

#2 WordPress developer

WordPress is one of the most commonly used CMSs available on the planet today. Most Indian website development companies have WordPress developers onboard.

After the PSD designs are converted into HTML, the WordPress developer would then integrate them into the WordPress theme.

Below are some of the major responsibilities of a WordPress developer in India:

  • Integrating the HTML codes with the WordPress theme.
  • Taking care of the website’s security.
  • Installing necessary plugins with the website.
  • Setting up an online store in case of e-commerce website development.
  • Installing SEO plugin.
  • Taking care of the loading speed of the website.
  • Ensuring the responsiveness of the website.
  • Testing the website after development is done.
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#3 OpenCart developer

OpenCart is one of the most popular open-source CMSs used for e-commerce website development. 

Most Indian web design companies have OpenCart developers onboard. 

So, if you need a new e-commerce website or redesign your existing OpenCart website, you can easily find an e-commerce web developer in India who can provide you with these services. 

Below are some of the essential qualities that your Indian OpenCart developer must have:

  • At least 3 years of experience in OpenCart website development
  • Experience in custom PHP coding would be an additional advantage. 
  • Expertise in customization of OpenCart themes & extensions. 
  • Affordable cost to build or redesign OpenCart websites. 

#4 Drupal developer

Drupal is yet another robust & secured CMS to build all kinds of websites.

Whether you need a simple website with 10 pages, an e-commerce website, or a complex web portal, Drupal can do all for you. 

Now, here’s the challenge. You may not find Indian Drupal developers in abundance but there are still many web design companies in India that do provide Drupal development services. 

At Innomax, we have been working on Drupal CMS for more than a decade. 

We can help you to create a new website in Drupal, redesign your existing Drupal website, fix your Drupal website, or maintain your website in Drupal. 

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#5 PHP Developer

The core programming or coding behind most open-source CMSs such as WordPress and Drupal is PHP.  

It is, therefore, very important for your Indian website builder to know core PHP development. 

Whether you are hiring a Drupal developer or WordPress developer in India, core PHP programming skill is a must. 

Not only CMS but there are several PHP frameworks that a PHP developer must know. These PHP frameworks include but are not limited to Code Igniter, Laravel, etc. 

Some of the essential skills that your Indian PHP developer must have:

  • Core PHP website development. 
  • Website development using PHP frameworks. 
  • Open-source CMS website development (using WordPress, Drupal, etc.). 

At Innomax, we also have PHP developers who can work not only on PHP-based open sources but also on PHP frameworks and core PHP development. 

#6 Tester

Testing is an integral part of any website development process.

In other words, testing is imperative for every website before launch.

Therefore, a tester is one of the important team members of any website development company.

Below are some of the major reasons to test any website:

  • To make sure that the website works well.
  • To ensure the responsiveness of a website.
  • To make sure that the website is browser-compatible.
  • To make sure that all the forms on your website work well.
  • To ensure the SEO-friendliness of the website.
  • Make sure that all the important trackers such as Google Analytics are installed on your website.
  • To make sure that the website is secure.

#7 Project manager

Last but not the least, a project manager plays a vital role in the successful execution of website development projects. Again, most of the leading web design companies in India have project managers on their teams. 

Below are some of the roles & responsibilities of a project manager:

  • Planning the projects and assigning them to the respective team members. 
  • Leading the web design team to resolve their queries and ensure the successful delivery of projects. 
  • Defining the budget & timeframe for each project. 
  • Coordinating with the clients during and after website development.


Developing a website successfully requires a team effort. 

No individual team member can create a website independently. They need to work together in order to deliver satisfactory outcomes. 

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