Are you looking to hire Indian website designers to build your website & save your website development cost?

Great, but before you engage a designer or developer in India, here are a few technical things you must know.

why Indian website developers to create an e-commerce website

In this blog post, you will read about 7 major coding platforms that Indian website builders use to create a website.

#1 HTML: Hypertext Markup Language

The most common language used to build a website is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) which is used to create websites and the basic framework of the page. HTML is what you see on the screen, i.e., the text and images.

Indian web developers use HTML to create websites. HTML is a coding language that web developers use to create websites. 

It’s not the most modern method of creating websites available, but many Indian web developers still use it.

#2 PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

The most popular and widely used programming language in India is PHP

It’s the same language that is used by WordPress and many other platforms. It’s a server-side scripting language that is used to create dynamic web pages.

When you hire an Indian website designer, it’s likely that you will get a PHP-coded website. Having said that, there are lots of PHP web development companies in India that you can engage to build your website. 

However, some of the Indian website builders may also use a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, Drupal, etc. to create your website.

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#3 CSS: Cascading Style Sheets

CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets, which is a language web developers use to tell a browser how to display text and elements on a website. 

A website builder will usually write CSS in a text-only editor called a code editor.

CSS is used to create the visual design of a website. It’s the style element of your website. 

It makes sure that all the text is the right size and color, that images are the right size, that your background images are the right size and color, and that everything is positioned on your website in the right way.

We, at Innomax, also prefer to use CSS over templates because it gives us more freedom and allows me to be more creative.

The use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to build websites is more popular than ever. CSS is a language used for describing the look and formatting of a website.

CSS is an essential tool that every web developer should know since it’s what allows you to control the look and functionality of your website

#4 JavaScript

When your website builders in India create a new website, they use HTML and CSS to build the design but they use JavaScript to create dynamic and interactive components on the page.

For example, if you’re on a website and you hover over a button, the button will change color, which is a result of JavaScript.

Indian website design companies also use JavaScript to create a website’s user interface.

JavaScript is a programming language that allows developers to create the user interface of a website and also allows users to interact with the website. It’s a very popular programming language.

#5 XML: Extensible Markup Language

XML is a coding language that allows your website to be easily accessed by search engines. 

Indian web developers use a lot of XML to make websites more SEO-friendly.

XML is a markup language that provides a standard way to structure data.

It’s called XML because it works off an Extensible Markup Language, which is basically a code for creating the structure of a web page.

#6 MySQL: Structured Query language

MySQL, or Structured Query Language, is a database management system that’s open-source and free to use.

MySQL is commonly used by web development companies in India to create websites, and it’s commonly used as a back-end for content management systems like WordPress.

Being an open-source database management system, MySQL is a database that works on multiple platforms and is commonly used by developers in India to create websites.

#7 JQuery

Most Indian website developers use JQUERY, a free JavaScript library, to develop websites. JQUERY is an open-source library that helps you create fast, cross-browser web applications.

It makes website development easy and reduces the cost of website development. It can be used to create everything from simple animations to complex single-page applications.

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