eCommerce entrepreneurs are always looking for some tips & unique ways to grow their online sales. There are dozens of great features that you can implement with your e-commerce store to grab more sales. The popup is one of them. 

7 Creative ways to use a popup on your e-commerce website

Why should your online store have a popup?

  • A popup helps to grab the attention of your website visitors. 
  • A popup can help your online shoppers to make their buying decision. 
  • You can offer different discounts through a popup. 
  • You can show promotional messages to your visitors through a popup. 

With so many benefits of using a popup on your eCommerce website, you simply can’t miss out on integrating one. So hire a website developer now to add this great feature to your e-commerce store. 

If you are not sure how you can leverage a popup on your website, this blog post may help you. Here, we have shared 7 creative ways for you to use a popup on your e-commerce website.

#1 Offer discounts

This is of course the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about a popup. 

However, there are a few things that your web developer needs to consider while implementing a popup in order to ensure that your visitors do not get annoyed with it, such as below:

  • The popup must appear for the users after 8-10 seconds of their entrance to the website. 
  • The popup should be responsive for all the devices such as smartphones & tablets. 
  • The users must be able to copy & paste the discount code easily. 
  • Your web developer can also make it automated so that the users will just need to click the button in the popup and the discount code will be applied to their cart automatically. 

#2 Navigation

Sometimes it may become overwhelming for the users to browse an e-commerce website when there are hundreds of products and dozens of product categories.

Here you can leverage a popup to make it easier for them to browse your website seamlessly. 

Let’s take an example here. 

You sell household items on your eCommerce store. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if your popup shows all the main categories such as kitchen items, living room items, etc. for the users to click and go to their desired section to place their orders?

Not all the users who visit your website are the same. 

Some of them may have experience in browsing the websites and can easily open the page or section that they are looking for. 

But some of your users may find it difficult to browse the website and find their desired section. A popup with clear navigation or sitemap can help them. 

#3 Shipping information

Shipping charges are one of the important factors that can influence buyers to place their orders with any e-commerce store. 

You may be offering free shipping on your website but your users won’t come to know about it until they reach the checkout page. 

Here you can leverage a popup to inform your users about your free shipping policy as soon as they land on your website. This message can affect their buying decision. So, it’s definitely one of the best ways to use a popup in order to grab more sales. 

#4 Clearance sale

If you have some products to clear away & sell them off at a lower price, you can use a popup to showcase those products. 

You can also provide a link in the popup that will take the users to a page with all the items listed for sale. 

Not many e-commerce businesses use popups to clear away their items on sale, so here’s a great opportunity for you to leverage a popup to get more customers & sales for your business. 

#5 Fist-order discount

Building an e-commerce website is no more a challenge because you can easily create an online store using WordPress that will help you to not only set up your website quickly but cost-effectively too. 

However, the real challenge lies in getting sales out of your e-commerce store. Offering your users a discount on their first purchase is a great way to convert your new users into paying customers. 

With the help of a popup, you can inform your users about the first-purchase discount that you are offering on your website. 

#6 Building email list

Email marketing is still considered an efficient yet cost-effective medium to reach a mass audience. But in order to leverage email marketing, you definitely need a solid & targeted email list. 

Entrepreneurs are always keen to find out the best ways to grow their email lists. Here also, you can use a popup to allow your website visitors to subscribe to your emails & grow your email list. 

Once you have built a nice email list, you can always reach your audience whenever you have any promotional offers, new arrivals or anything else to share with them.  

#7 Intent exit

Have you been to an e-commerce website where you saw a popup convincing you to stay when you tried to close the browser tab? That’s called the intent exit popup. 

Today, many e-commerce businesses are using intent exit popup as an effective strategy to reduce the bounce rate of your website and grab more sales. You can also ask your website builder to integrate an intent exit popup with your website. 

Below are some of the great benefits of using an intent exit popup on your e-commerce website:

  • Intent exit popups are event-based and appear only when the users intend to exit. 
  • Intent exit popups can help you to reduce the order abandonment rate of your online store. 
  • Intent exit popups can reduce the bounce rate of your website. 

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