Do you have a website but find it difficult to get traffic from search engines? Perhaps you don’t want to engage any SEO agency because of your limited budget.

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Luckily, if your website has been developed using WordPress, you can easily make some tweaks yourself (or with a little help from your web developer) in order to get a significant amount of traffic from search engines.

In this blog post, we will be sharing 7 DIY SEO activities that you can do on your website.

#1 Meta Tags

This is perhaps the first and foremost step to the optimization of any website.

Title Tags 

It’s basically the title or the page. This is the first thing on a page that a search engine spider may be looking for. 

So do make sure that all of your web pages have relevant title tags and at that same time, it includes your targeted keyword(s) too. 

Description Tags 

This tag must have a summary of the whole page. The more precisely you define the summary of your page in this tag, the higher will be the chances that you will get the attention of both search engines and visitors. 

Again, don’t forget to include the keywords in the description tag, if it makes sense. You may use any of the reliable SEO plugins on your WordPress website that will allow you to write these tags for each page of your website.

#2 Image Optimization

All of the images on your website must be optimized for search engines. This can be achieved by ensuring the weight of every image size must be optimized (don’t use heavy images).

Other than the weight of the image, the alt tags of each image must be utilized properly. You can specify your keywords in the alt tag of every image on your WordPress website.

Luckily, WordPress websites come with the option to optimize the images. All you need to do is, use it effectively.

#3 Internal Linking

This is something that’s very beneficial for search engine optimization. It is highly recommended that all of your important web pages must be linked to each other internally, whenever required.

The key is to take care of the relevancy of each link and at the same time avoid link stuffing.

#4 Blogging

One of the major benefits of developing a website using WordPress is that it comes with a great blogging platform. 

If you can spare some time to write blog posts regularly, it would be wonderful for your website SEO. 

All the major search engines like Google love websites that are being updated regularly. 

With a blog in place, you can get the love of search engines by regularly participating in posting blogs.

#5 Broken Links

Broken links are the links that lead to a non-existent webpage. Broken links are considered a negative signal for search engines to rank any website. 

Therefore you must ensure that there are no broken links on your website. 

How to check for broken links on a website? 

There are several free tools and websites that can help you to find out broken links on your website. 

You may consider using any of those tools. One such reliable website is https://www.brokenlinkcheck.com

#6 Content Optimization

Do you think that content optimization is using keywords in the content as much as possible?

Think about it again.

Content optimization is often misunderstood as keyword stuffing. But that’s totally wrong.

Keywords-stuffed content will lead your website to nowhere. To its worst, it can also cause a penalty on your website by search engines.

Content optimization is the process of writing & rewriting the content in such a way that it is aligned with the keywords strategy of the website. 

While optimizing the content for any webpage, both keywords & their synonyms or related words must be taken into consideration.

Using long-tail keywords in the content can also be helpful for any website’s SEO.

#7 Optimizing Website Loading Speed

Search engines like Google hate websites that take a lot of time to load. 

Does your website load slowly? 

If yes, you must engage a web developer now and get it fixed. Because, slow loading websites hurt not only their search engine rankings, but also tend to lose the trust of visitors

Therefore, by improving the loading speed of your website, your website gets more traffic from search engines as well as a high rate of retention from visitors.

You can consider using W3 Total Cache for your WordPress website to improve its loading speed.

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