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Why should you hire Indian web developers?

Below are some of the reasons for you to hire a web developer from India:

  • Affordability 
  • Experience
  • Excellent support
  • Availability 
  • Tight coordination 
  • Great project understanding
  • SEO knowledge
  • You get more manpower at a lower cost

When you hire web developers in India, you get not only a low-cost website but also several free services or items. 

7 free items that an Indian website developer can provide you

In this blog post, we have shared 7 free items or services that your Indian website developer can provide you with. 

Let’s get started!

#1 Free domain name

If you have already contacted a few Indian web developers, you know what we mean here. 

Most of the web development companies or website builders in India provide a free domain name for the 1st year as a part of their website design package. 

From the second year onwards, they may charge you as low as $20 per annum for the domain name renewal. But for the first year, you may not have to pay for your domain name.

At Innomax, we also provide a free domain name to our clients with some of our website design packages. 

#2 Free website hosting

Similar to the domain name, there are many Indian web developers who can offer you free web hosting for the first year. 

Since most of these developers or companies are resellers of several web hosting companies, they can offer you free hosting for the first year. 

In other words, when you hire a website builder in India, you may not have to worry about paying for the domain name and web hosting for the first year. You get them complimentary. 

#3 Free logo design

If you are a startup, you may also need a logo design along with website development services. And hiring a website designer or a graphic designer to make a logo may cost you more than $50. 

But when you hire a website designer in India to create your website, you don’t have to pay for the logo design as a separate service. 

In short, you get a free logo design as a complimentary service when you hire Indian website builders. 

#4 Free support

Even after the completion of your website, you may need the assistance & support of your website builder. But sadly not all Indian website developers assist their clients after the completion of their job. 

However, there are still a few web developers or website design companies in India that provide their clients with free support. Therefore, you must ask for free support from your Indian web developer before hiring him or her. 

At Innomax, we always provide our clients with free support for 3 months which means we help them to resolve all the issues & concerns that they may have after completion of the website. 

#5 Free chat integration

Did you know that you can integrate a WhatsApp chat feature into your website free of cost?

Integrating a live chat feature like WhatsApp can help you in many ways, such as:

  • Providing quick assistance to your users.
  • Getting more sales from the website because now you can communicate with your website users directly.
  • Improving the user experience of your website because the users can contact you anytime they wish to do so.

Interestingly, it doesn’t cost you or your web developer to integrate a WhatsApp feature with your website. 

At Innomax, we help our clients to integrate the WhatsApp widget with their websites without any charges, upon their request. 

#6 Free SEO provisions

If you want to get more sales & customers from your website, you should have quality traffic on your site. SEO is a great way to attract quality traffic to any website. 

But did you know that SEO starts from the website itself?

Yes, in order to rank in higher positions in search engines, your website must be optimized for SEO. A professional website developer always understands this. 

Since most Indian web development companies offer SEO services as well, their team knows how to create an SEO-friendly website. 

Therefore, when you hire an Indian website builder, you also get an SEO-friendly website that has a provision of SEO implementation such as meta tags, header tags, sitemaps, etc.

#7 Free web analytics

What is web analytics?

Web Analytics is the method of collecting, processing, & analyzing website data. 

If you want to see how effective your marketing & advertising campaigns have been, you must leverage a web analytic tool such as Google Analytics. 

Your Indian website developer can easily integrate a web analytic tool with your website as it doesn’t take more than a few minutes for your developer to do that. 

What are the benefits of using web analytics?

  • It helps you to measure online traffic.
  • You can track the bounce rate on your website. 
  • The web analytic tool helps you to track conversions on your website.
  • Identify the best marketing method that’s working for your business. 

Why Google Analytics?

  • Google Analytics is free
  • Google Analytics can be easily integrated with your Google Ads account. 

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