So friends, are you looking to create or re-create your business website but worried about the budget? Let us tell you, you aren’t alone.

Especially for startups, it’s very difficult to spare a huge amount of money for just website development.

But the actual fact is, there hasn’t been so important ever to have a website for every business, irrespective of their size, as it is now.

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Some of the important reasons to create a website:

  • A website can shout out loud for your products & services.
  • Your website can make you a leader in your niche if it has all the information your potential customers have been looking for.
  • A website is a medium for your business to connect with your customers and vice versa.
  • A website can travel the whole globe, except the places where there is no network. Think about it. Its coverage is 100x stronger than a local shop presence.

Given all of the above reasons (though we have a huge list of benefits of developing a website), don’t you think that creating a website is as important as your business’s existence?

Well, we do feel so, and that too, strongly.

Yes, we know you may be muttering, “Yeah, I know that. But who’s gonna pay for it.

Don’t worry, if we can talk about the importance of creating a website, we can also talk about the solutions to get an affordable website.

The #1 secret to developing a website at an affordable price lies in hiring Indian web designers.

You may scream “Wow, that wasn’t a secret. We know that hiring Indian web designers can reduce the cost of development”. 

But wait, we are sharing 7 reasons for you to hire a web design agency or designer in India.

Are you ready? Let’s start.

#1 Money

If you really want to save money on your website development, hire Indian web designers. No, we aren’t talking about a couple of $$ but we are really talking about $$$ even $$$$.

Be it any business, of any size, money is the fuel to run it. Won’t you agree? 

If you could save some fuel for your future operations, wouldn’t it be awesome? Yes, it’ll be.

Think about an e-commerce website. 

You may be required to spend thousands of dollars if you engage a local web design agency to develop an e-commerce website. But when you hire Indian web designers, you could get it for as low as $1k.

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#2 SEO

Most Indian web design companies also provide SEO services. It means that these web design agencies know how to create SEO-friendly websites.

Hiring a web design company in India can give you the additional benefit of search engine optimization. They can help you to build a website that has:

  • Higher chances to get ranked on search engines quickly.
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • SEO-friendly codes
  • SEO meta tags in place
  • Optimized images & content

A web designer, without any SEO knowledge, can definitely help you to make a website that’s beautiful, but not SEO-friendly.

#3 Support

India has always been a favorite destination for worldwide business to outsource their web projects. 

Having said this, most of the web design & development companies in India have been already serving their overseas clients.

These companies can also work according to the timezone of their customers. It simply means that you will get 100% support when you hire an Indian web development company.

Support is an integral part of any website development. Without proper support in place, a business website can’t succeed. 

Because website development is not a one-time thing, it has to be improved & enhanced regularly.

Looking to outsource your web projects? Go, hire a web design company in India.

#4 Communication

Since Indian web development companies have been already working with their overseas customers worldwide, their project managers and web developers are being trained regularly to establish perfect communication with their customers.

Without proper communication, the end result of website development can be totally different from your expectations. 

It is, therefore, necessary to communicate with your web developer or designer regularly, to ensure that they understand what you want.

There are many other countries where you can find cheap website developers to build your website, but unfortunately, their people are not as good at communication as Indian web designers. 

#5 Long-Term Maintenance

The operating cost to run a company in India is generally lower and therefore the number of shut-downs is also very less, as compared to other countries. 

Our point is simply this. 

When you hire a web design company in India, you can still look out for them to update, upgrade or redo your website even after a few years.

Not only this, but you can also hire Indian web developers to maintain your website on a regular basis. 

For instance, we have been serving our worldwide customers since 2007. So, our customers trust us like their own web development team.

#6 Responsive Web Design

Most Indian web development companies create websites that are responsive (for all smart devices).

Even if you don’t request it, most Indian web design agencies & web developers will create a responsive website for you.

Here are buy few major reasons to create a responsive website:

  • A responsive web design is intuitive for smartphone & tablet users.
  • A responsive web design helps in SEO.
  • A responsive web design looks good & also provides you with an opportunity to show important information on the top.

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#7 Exposure

Since Indian web developers work with worldwide businesses & help them to create their websites, they get more exposure to working in a varied business environment.

So, if you have a business in the US and wish to target the Asian or European markets, Indian web developers can help you because they do know the prevailing web trends in these countries.

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