A website’s content is the most important & powerful medium to communicate with the targeted audience. Therefore, it must be used effectively. 

Especially at the time when most internet users like to scan the webpages in order to read the information (because most of us have less patience and time to read), it becomes very important to ensure that the content of your website is easy-to-read, effortlessly.

website design typography

Good typography enables your website users to read the content effortlessly.

In this blog post, we’ve shared 7 tips to use typography in your website design that can help you to get a better readership & lower bounce rates.

#1 Don't use a lot of font types

Using a variety of fonts can damage the readership of your website. A professional web designer understands the importance of using limited font types in order to maintain the branding of any website as well as enhance its readability.

Using more than 3-4 types of fonts will do nothing but make the website look unprofessional and unstructured. 

Therefore, you must ensure that your web designer should use a maximum of 3 or 4 types of fonts. The lesser, the better.

#2 Provide enough line spacing

Have you ever experienced browsing a website that had interesting information but it took a while for you to finish your reading because of its condensed text lines? I am sure you did.

Providing enough vertical line spacing will help your users to read the contents of your website easily. 

At the same time, your website designer must also ensure that the line spacing is not too much, making it hard for your readers to move their eyeballs from one line to another. Too much line spacing will also cause your webpage to look long and the users will have to scroll a lot to read the information.

#3 Limit the number of words

A great way to encourage users to read the full content of your webpage is to use a limited number of words per sentence. Using a lot of words per sentence will lead the webpage look cluttered and it will also make the users tired of reading your content.

As a rule of thumb, your web designer should not use more than 30-35 words in a single sentence. 

To achieve this, your website builder may have to use a sidebar or reduce the width of your content area. Whatever it takes, you must ensure to limit the number of words in each line.

#4 Use appropriate contrast

Using flashy text colors may sound good to attract the users’ attention but this practice may make your webpage look unprofessional & spammy.

Additionally, you must also ensure that the background of your text area should be too light if the font color is dark and vice versa. 

Use a darker background and dark font color and you will be surely on the way to damaging the viewership of your webpage.

#5 Use standard fonts

While using different or so-called out-of-the-box font styles may seem like a cool idea, believe me, it’s going to hurt you.

When a web designer tries to use out-of-the-box fonts in order to make the website design outstanding, the readers pay more attention to the style of the fonts rather than their content.

Using a standard font will help them to focus more on content rather than wondering about an alien font style.

#6 Use fonts with distinguishable letters

There are many fonts that render a similar look for different alphabets. Such is “I” AND “l”. Please note that I have used “I“ and ‘L’ but they look the same. Isn’t it?

These types of fonts create a tiny obstacle in the reading speed of the users thereby distracting them to read at their own pace.

Paying attention to such fonts and fixing them may be a great idea to enhance the readership of your webpages.

#7 Don't use all caps

Now, this is a no-brainer tip. Using all caps can affect the reading experience of your users in many ways such as:

  • All-caps content may look harsh to some users.
  • All-caps content may look like spam to some users.
  • All caps contents can slow down the reading pace of your users.

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