construction or renovation website design services in India

Are you looking to build a corporate website for your construction or renovation business? This blog post may help you!

construction or renovation website design services in India

In this blog post, we have shared 8 basic yet essential features that your construction website should have.

Let’s begin!

#1 Attractive website design

Most construction or renovation companies don’t realize the importance of website design. They assume that all that they need to do is showcase their services and contact details. But that’s not true.

If you really want your potential customers to spend more time on your website, then you need to ensure that your website looks good.

It is, therefore, very important to hire a professional & experienced website developer who can assist you to build a website with an intuitive and attractive design.

If you are on a budget, you can also hire website builders in India who can provide you with low-cost website development services.

#2 Services

The ‘Services’ is one of the most important sections that your construction or renovation website should have. Here, you can talk about the services that your company provides.

You can also go further by dividing your main services into different sub-categories of services.

For example, if you provide plumbing or electrical services, you can further create a separate category for residential & commercial. This will help your users to view the information that they are interested in.

Additionally, your web developer can integrate a contact form with each service page so that it becomes easier for your targeted customers to fill the form quickly and get in touch with you.

#3 Projects

Action speaks louder than words. You may talk endlessly about your services but if you don’t have any experience in your industry, people may not believe in your words. And if you do have experience and have worked with several other customers, it’s good to showcase them on your website.

By simply adding a ‘Projects’ section to your website, your potential customers can view your past works related to construction or renovation services.

Your website developer can add an image gallery where you can upload the different pictures of your projects.

#4 Clients

Boasting about the clients is not a bad practice if it helps you to get new deals. Your construction website can have a section to showcase the clients that you are working for. Perhaps you can show the logos of your clients’ companies.

The more clients you have, the higher would be the chance that your potential customers will trust your company.

#5 Contact form

The importance of a contact form for any corporate website can’t be emphasized much. It’s the gateway through which your potential customers contact you and share their requirements.

Needless to mention, your construction website should have a contact form with the required fields that you need to know about your customers.

Here are a few important things that your web developer should take care of while creating a contact form:

  • The contact form shouldn’t be too lengthy.
  • The contact form should be responsive (should fit on all the smart devices such as mobiles & tablets).
  • The form fields must be properly validated.

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#6 Get a Quote

The “Get a Quote” section or form can be considered the backbone of your construction website. This is where you can ask your potential customers to share their specific needs and upload (if required) any document or image so that you can go through their requirements and provide them with a quotation.

Again, your web developer needs to ensure that the ‘Get a Quote’ form should fit properly on all the devices such as mobiles & tables so that the mobile users can easily fill out the form.

#7 Speed

The loading speed of a website is as important as its development. If your website doesn’t load quickly, no matter how many great features your construction or renovation website has, it will be of no use. 

The primary objective of creating a website should be to provide easy accessibility to the users. And creating a responsive website is the most important thing that you or your website developer can do for the best user experience.

However, if your website is taking too long to load, there are many things that your website builder can do to speed up your website. Some of those ways as mentioned below:

  • Enabling the cache plugin
  • Upgrading all the plugins and themes.
  • Remove useless plugins and themes.
  • Ensuring that the PHP version of your website is not outdated.
  • Compressing the high-resolution images.
  • Minifying CSS & JavaScript files.

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#8 Responsiveness

Given that most of your targeted customers will be using their smartphones and tablets to access your website, it’s imperative to build a responsive website.

Responsive designing is the practice of creating a website so it can be viewed on any device, from a mobile phone to a desktop computer. It’s important to have a responsive design because the last thing you want is for potential customers to have a bad experience on your website and then leave without even contacting you.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Hire a professional website developer to create a responsive website for your construction or renovation business.

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