WordPress is a stunning software that is famously used to create wonderful websites. 

9 Types of Websites That  Indian Website Developers Can Create Using WordPress

In this blog post, we will be discussing the 9 different types of websites that professional website builders in India can help you create with the WordPress CMS.

#1 Personal Websites

WordPress offers advanced website-building services that are suited to creating a personal website. You can deploy these features even more readily with the help of experienced WordPress developers.

What is a personal website?

A personal website is precisely what its name suggests, it’s an online platform for you to share your personal information, and services, along with contact details as an individual. 

This personal information can be of many types too e.g., related to a company or an institution.

When you will create a personal website, you will find yourself gaining the following advantages:

  • You can become an authority in your industry by showcasing your strong professional skills & experience. 
  • You can get into your creative mindset once you will work to improve and edit your website.
  • You will be able to make new contacts and learn new skills.
  • It can act as a portfolio/resume and will increase the chances of you getting a job.

What are the essential features of a personal website?

The key to creating a perfect personal website lies in ensuring that all the basic yet essential features are added to it. 

For example, an eye-catching homepage, a brief but informative “About” page, a page to showcase your services, and a page that has all of your contact information along with the links to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Hire a WordPress developer in India to create a personal website for you.

#2 Blogs

With the help of a website designer, you can gain access to a better understanding of the marvelous WordPress tools that allow you to create polished and sophisticated blogs.

What is a blog?

A blog is a form of a website that originally started as an online journaling system.

And now, it has become a platform for people to share their views and communicate with one another, and also earn some money in the process through ads, affiliate marketing, and many other ways.

What are the essential features of a blog?

The beginner-level features of a blog that have never failed to drive success & quality traffic are:

  • A clear objective behind creating your blog.
  • The right structure will keep your audience from getting bored or feeling hassled.
  • Adding alluring visual content such as images, videos, slideshows, and clips between the texts keeps the reader engaged.
  • Be consistent with your work, and post regularly.
  • Using relevant links in your writings to ensure search engine optimization. Also, use internal links to allow your blog’s users to easily navigate their way around the website.

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#3 Business Websites

WordPress lets you deploy and launch business websites in little time while also letting you extend your business’ growth and requirements.

What is a business website?

Business websites are online platforms for you to interact with your customers, advertise your products and services, and most importantly, help you maintain a good online presence for your brand.

What are the essential features of a business website?

First and foremost, your website builder in India who would be working with you must create a sturdy domain name to give your business website an identity.

You should also have a page for client testimonials and customer reviews that will help you gain another potential client’s trust. They also help you attract new customers to your brand.

Other than that, here are some more features that you should surely include in your business website:

  • Trust badges.
  • A regularly updated blog page.
  • Detailed contact and about page.
  • Useful and informative content.
  • Images and videos for visual aid.
  • A navigation bar at the top of your website creates ease of use.

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#4 E-commerce Websites

Needless to mention that if you want to sell your products or services online, you must get an e-commerce website.

An e-commerce store can help both customers and business owners to reap the benefits of the 24/7 availability of the website to process transactions & orders.

What’s an e-commerce website?

These are essentially online trading that allows you to buy and sell products and promote your brand. Electronic businesses are run efficiently using e-commerce websites every day.

An eCommerce developer in India can help you to create an online store at an affordable cost. 

What are the essential features of an e-commerce website?

To ensure success in the trading market, your e-commerce website should be sure to have most of the following features:

  • A responsive website design.
  • Compatibility with all the major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Create and use prominent call-to-action elements such as “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart”.
  • Intuitive navigation on each page of the website.
  • Display contact details on each page of the website so that customers feel safe buying online.
  • Placement of important trust seals (such as VeriSign, PayPal Verified, McAfee Secure, etc.)  on the checkout page.
  • A shopping cart, a customer login system, and a fast-acting search feature are a must.

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#5 Real Estate Websites

A real estate website is a great asset to grab the attention of property investors or purchasers. 

What is a real estate website?

A real estate website is one where people can view or post property listings, sort their options, and make their decisions about a relevant property before entering into a formal agreement.

What are the essential features of a real estate website?

A great real estate website needs to have these features to ensure smooth running:

  • Robust search feature to allow buyers to find their desired property. 
  • Image gallery for each property listing. 
  • A blog to share some news & updates about the real estate industry.
  • Contact information of the seller or agent with each property listing. 
  • Option for the sellers & buyers to signup seamlessly. 

#6 Membership Websites

A membership website could be an ideal choice for you to create if you want to protect your content or material from non-member users.

What is a membership website?

A website that allows only its registered members to access specific content (usually after login), is known as a membership website.

What are the essential features of a membership website?

Below are some of the essential features that your Indian website builder can provide in your membership website.

  • Option to signup & login.
  • Explain the benefits of subscribing to the paid packages.
  • Price list for different kinds of memberships.
  • Option for the users to subscribe to their preferred membership plan.
  • The ability for the admin to upload the content for members or non-members too. 

#7 Classified websites

If you want a website where the sellers can signup and post their products or services to sell to the intended buyers, a classified website is for you.

What is a classified website?

A classified website is a platform to promote products & services and connect both buyers & sellers.

What are the essential features of a classified website?

  • Option for the sellers to signup and post their products or services.
  • Option for the users to search and contact the sellers.
  • Option for the admin to enable or disable any sellers(s) or user(s) from the backend.
  • Robust search & filter feature for the users.

#8 Auction websites

For buyers, sellers, and marketplace owners, auction websites are incredible sources of income and product dealings. With the help of advanced website builders, you can easily become a part of an online auctioning community.

What exactly are auction-based websites?

An auction website is an online platform where people can buy, sell, and participate in real-time auctions.

You can hire an affordable Indian website builder to create an auction-based e-commerce website for you. 

What are the essential features of an auction website?

  • Bidding increment to define the next minimum bidding amount. 
  • Last-minute bidding extension to allow more users to bid. 
  • Buying price lets the users purchase the product instantly, without going into the bidding process. 
  • Proxy bidding automatically increases the bidding on behalf of a user when the other users outbid his bid. 

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#9 Social media websites

If you want to create a social media website where like-minded people can meet each other, Indian website developers can help you.

If you hire a local web developer to create a social media website, it may cost you a fortune however if you engage the services of a website developer in India, you can easily create your dream project. 

What kinds of sites are known as social media websites?

A platform where people can meet like-minded people and connect socially, those sites are called social media websites. 

What are the essential features of a social media website?

  • The ability for the users to signup and login. 
  • The ability for the users to create their profiles and describe their interests and other demographic details. 
  • A matching algorithm can suggest a user getting connected with other like-minded users. 
  • Option for the users to start interacting. 
  • Option for the users to share their thoughts, ideas, images, videos, etc. 
  • Option for the users to like, dislike, comment on, or share other users’ posts. 

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