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Consultancy Business Website Design

Here, we have shared the 9 best features that you or your web developer could add to your website to get more business.

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#1 Short & sweet contact forms

If you have a website that doesn’t have any form, it’s worth scraping. Yes, that’s a harsh statement to make but it’s true. It’s not only recommended, but it’s mandatory to add a contact form to your website if you are really serious about your business and if you really want to get leads & sales from your website.

Not only it’s essential to add a contact form to your website, but it’s important to ensure that the form is not too long to fill out. Nobody has the spare time to enter details in a web form for minutes. 

Your website’s form should allow the users to complete its submission within 10 seconds. Exceptions are the cases where the users want to elaborate on their reason for contacting you.

Other than the short length, the form should also have a mobile-friendly design. This means that mobile traffic should be able to view & fill out the form without zooming in or zooming out.

The shorter and mobile-friendlier your web form is, the more you will get submissions from your potential customers.

So yes, if you want to expand your business through your website, ask your website designer to add a short, sweet, and mobile-friendly form.

#2 WhatsApp widget

There are different kinds of users who may come to your website. Some users may spare 10 or 20 seconds to fill out the form on your site however others may just like to send you a message as soon as they land on your webpage. For those impatient users, you must have a WhatsApp widget that will allow them to send you a message on your WhatsApp messenger.

The good news is that adding a WhatsApp widget doesn’t take too much time or money. Your website developer can simply add a script to your website in as less as 10 minutes and integrate a useful WhatsApp widget instantly.

This may seem to be a very simple and no-brainer step for you. But believe us, it can help you to increase the leads & conversions for your business dramatically.

#3 Live chat

You may be wondering why should you integrate a live chat when you already have a contact form and a WhatsApp widget on your website. That’s a valid point to wonder about.

So far, we have covered those people who need to share their details with you (through a web form) and those users who want to send out a message to you (through a WhatsApp widget), but what about those potential customers who don’t want to do either but they still can be your potential customer?

For that kind of non-interactive user, your web developer can integrate a live chat feature so that you can initiate a conversation with them if they don’t do so.

Having a live chat can help you to cover an inactive user to an active lead for your business. It’s definitely worth trying.

So, before you hire a website developer to create your site, do ask him to add a live chat feature in his quotation.

#4 Responsive elements

Having a responsive website design is one thing. Most website developers and web design agencies build responsive websites. That’s a good thing.

But very few web development companies would care about adding responsive elements to your website. By responsive elements, we mean CTAs (call-to-action) for the mobile version of your website which could be in the form of a “Call Now” button.

Adding a responsive element such as a “Call Now” button for your responsive version (mobile-friendly design) can make a huge difference in the number of calls that you will get from your website.

A professional website maker knows the importance of integrating CTA for the mobile version of your website.

#5 Exit intent popup

What’s an exit intent popup?

A popup (usually with some offer or a form) that appears on a webpage when the user intends to close the web browser without completing an action on the website is known as an exit intent popup. This popup is shown as a last resort to capture the user’s lead or sale before he quits the webpage.

These kinds of intent popups are considered marketing tools that help website owners to grow their customer base or leads. Therefore, you can also ask your website builder to use an exit intent popup with your website that will help you to grow your business.

The good news is that if your website has been developed using WordPress CMS, there are dozens of free & paid plugins that can be used to integrate an exit intent popup with your website. So your website developer can use any of these plugins and integrate an exit-intent popup to your website in just a few minutes.

#6 A blog

If you are wondering how can a blog help you to grow your business, here are some known facts for you:

  • A website with a blog is more likely to rank on search engines.
  • Search engines such as Google love blogs and are more likely to rank them.
  • A blog is a great tool to engage your potential customers with your website.

Given all these factors, it’s worth integrating a blog section into your website and posting fresh & unique posts to your blog. As one of the leading website developers in India, we always add a blog section as a part of our web design quotation.

#7 FAQs

An FAQs section on your website can be a great tool to grow your business.

When you add an FAQ section,

  • Your website gets more content with the questions, queries, or key phrases that your potential customers are actively searching for which further helps in search engine optimization.
  • The existing traffic on your website can find answers to their questions themselves without contacting you over the phone or email. This makes the whole process easier and hassle-free.

It is therefore a great idea to integrate an FAQ section into your website, especially on the homepage or services/products pages. It will definitely help you to expand your online business.

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