While we know that hiring website developers in India can help you to save your website development cost, there are several myths about website development in India. 

Due to these myths, many business owners have always been reluctant to hire web designers or developers from India.

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In this blog post, we’ve shared & debunked 5 such common myths about web development in India for you so that you can be confident to hire them for your website development. 

Let’s start. 

#1 Web Development In India Is Cheapest

When it comes to web development in India, most people around the globe think that hiring Indian web developers is super cheap and they expect that they can get a website for as low as $100. 

This is not true.

While it’s an unchallenged & unchallengeable fact that the website development in India is cheaper as compared to the developed countries of the world, however you must expect to get a discount between 30% to 50%. 

If you think that you will just need to pay 20% of what you would have paid to your local developer, you may get disappointed.  

To take an example, a basic e-commerce website development can cost you $1000 in India while a simple corporate website design may cost you $600. 

#2 Indian Web Developers Lack Communication

This is another common myth about website development in India that Indian web developers are not good at communication. 

Many business owners would fear that when they hire web designers or web developers in India, communication could become a huge challenge.

Again, it’s not 100% true. 

Although it’s true that there are several website developers in India who may lack in communication however it’s not the case with all of the web developers. 

Checking on your developer’s communication skills is perhaps one of the important checkpoints that you must perform before hiring them for your website development. 

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#3 It's Difficult To Get Hold Of Them

The lack of trust before conducting website development in India is another major reason why most businesses worldwide are not comfortable hiring web designers in India.

One of the most common questions that we are being asked by our prospective customers is “What if you disappear or I can’t hold of you?“.

Of course, nothing can be as frustrating as disappearing of your website developer without any further information. You may feel lost.

Again, not all of the web design companies in India would show this kind of irresponsible behaviour to their clients. But as a measure of precaution, you must make sure that you do have:

  • All of their contact details like phone number, mobile number, email, Skype etc.
  • The source codes of your website.
  • The web server credentials including but not limited to domain name, control panel and website admin details.

#4 I Can't Get Support In My Timezone

There is another misperception about the Indian website developers that they don’t provide support according to the different timezones of their customers. And as a result, the project may never get finished on time. 

Again it’s a myth.

You will be surprised to know that most Indian web development companies provide round-the-clock support to their overseas customers. 

We, at Innomax, also provide support to our clients living & working in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other countries.  

So, next time you think about hiring web developers in India, don’t worry about getting support during your working hours.

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#5 Web Development In India Isn't For Long-Term

While talking to our prospective customers, we also face a lot of challenges to convince them that when they hire us, they will get a long-term web partner.

Strangely, or perhaps because of their bad experiences in the past, most of the clients think that web development in India is only a one-time process. They also think that Indian web development companies can’t be trusted for a long-term association.

Again it’s a pure myth.

At Innomax, we have been working with some of our customers for more than a decade. We’ve always provided them with full support, prompt services & quick turnaround because of which they don’t even think to switch over.

For all of the development of their upcoming projects or existing website enhancements, our customers always prefer to work with us.

Not only us but there are many web development companies in India that really care about their customers and always aim to work with them in long run.

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