Choosing the right CMS for any website is incredibly important. 

If you want to take control of your website and manage the content yourself, then you definitely need a CMS website. We all know that. 

But, the question is “Which CMS is the best for you?” 

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Broadly speaking, there are 2 major CMS players on the market, Drupal and WordPress. Both Drupal and WordPress power & run some of the largest websites in the world.

In this blog post, we will be sharing some of the factors that will help you to choose the appropriate CMS for your website development.

  • Ease To Use
  • Cost To Develop
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Loading Speed

#1 Ease Of Use


When it comes to the installation & management of a Drupal website, requires specialized knowledge. If you possess some basic technical skills, you can definitely set up a website using Drupal but you definitely need advanced programming skills when you are required to customize the codes.


WordPress CMS is pretty easy to install & manage. Even if you are not a professional coder, you can also set up a basic WordPress website and customize it to a certain extent.

#2 Cost Of Development


In order to build a professional website using Drupal, you will be required to hire experienced web developers which may cost you a bit higher. Since Drupal doesn’t have plenty of modules for each function that you may need for your website, you need the assistance of a web developer to customize the existing modules in order to incorporate desired features on your website. 

Also, Drupal developers are not easily available because most web programmers either work on WordPress or PHP frameworks like Code Ignitor or Laravel. However, if you really need an affordable Drupal website, you may consider hiring Drupal developers in India.


On the contrary, there is a wealth of plugins available to use with your WordPress website. You name it, and you will get it in the WordPress repository. 

Additionally, WordPress developers are easily available at an affordable price which simply means that the cost to develop your website using WordPress CMS will be relatively lower. So, if you are looking for affordable website development, WordPress is for you. 

#3 Security


As we mentioned in point #2 there are not many 3rd party modules to integrate with Drupal websites & the web developers have to modify the codes and make changes to the existing core modules only, Drupal stays secured & wins the battle of security.  


WordPress has a dependency on the 3rd party plugins to integrate and run desired features, which makes it less secure. It doesn’t mean at all that a WordPress website can’t be made secure. There are several ways following which a web developer can easily make any WordPress website secure. Additionally, there are few paid but effective security plugins that can be installed with any WordPress website and make it much more secure. 

#4 Flexibility


In the case of Drupal, it would be a web developer who can customize the codes and make them flexible because for customizing the Drupal codes, you need a professional coder. So if you need a CMS that can allow you to scale up your website by simply integrating a few plugins or modules, Drupal is not for you. For each feature incorporation, you will need to hire a web developer


WordPress is different when it comes to scalability & flexibility. Even a non-programmer webmaster can extend the functionality of a WordPress website by simply installing & activating WordPress plugins

There are plenty of free and paid WordPress plugins available for you to develop & grow your website features. 

#5 Loading Speed


Drupal can help to produce very high-performing and fast-loading websites because it isn’t very resource-intensive. This allows for lightning-fast server communication and faster response speeds.


One of the biggest drawbacks of WordPress is its speed. It doesn’t mean that all WordPress websites end up loading slowly. It depends on the web programmer how he plans to optimize the loading speed of a WordPress website. There are plenty of ways through which a WordPress coder can optimize the loading speed of any website. 

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