custom website design & development services in India

What is a website redesign?

Website redesign is the process of overhauling a website. The overhauling could be just for the design (look) of the site or it could also include the functionality revamping.

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custom website design & development services in India

When do you need to revamp your WordPress website?

There could be certain situations when you may need to redesign your WordPress website. Some of those situations are mentioned below:

When your website is visually outdated. In other words, if your website design is outdated, you must hire a website developer to redesign it.

  • When the navigation system of your website is too complicated or difficult to browse.
  • If your website has low search engine rankings.
  • If your website has no or low conversions and if your website’s bounce rate is high.
  • When there is a significant change in your product line or services.
  • If your website is not mobile responsive.
  • If it takes too much time for your website to load.

What are the benefits of a website redesign?

Below are some of the major benefits that you get from redesigning your WordPress website.

  • You get a fresh design for your website. A fresh website design means you can get more conversions, beat the competition, and rebrand your business.
  • You get a chance to choose your CMS while you redesign your website. A CMS helps you to manage the website easily without having any technical knowledge. So, if you are unable to manage your website now and if you need to hire a website designer to do every small change to your website, you must get your website redesigned with a better CMS like WordPress.
  • When you redesign your website, you get a higher chance of grabbing more conversions and sales for your business. With a better design, updated texts, and conversion-oriented architecture, you can grow your online revenue & business.
  • Redesigning your website with a mobile-friendly (responsive) design will allow you to reach maximum mobile users who are looking for your services or products. When you hire a professional & experienced website developer to revamp your website, you get a website that has a responsive design, fast loading speed, better texts, and enhanced architecture. All of these factors can lead to enhanced SEO (search engine optimization) score.
  • There are several other things that a website builder can do to make your new website SEO-friendly. Some of these important things are:
    – Interlinking among webpages
    – Integrating an SEO plugin and optimizing the meta tags for each webpage
    – Adding a blog to your website.

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Website development team in India

How Indian WordPress builders can help to redesign your site?

When it comes to designing or redesigning a website at an affordable cost, Indian web development companies and developers rank at the top.

The website developers in India can revamp your website in many ways such as below:

#1 Changing the design of the site

Hiring a website developer to redesign your WordPress website is the most obvious reason. That’s the starting point. So yes, Indian website builders can help you to change the look of your website completely. In other words, they can redo or redesign your WordPress site.

#2 Migrating the content

While redesigning a website, content migration could be one of the challenges because your current website may have dozens or sometimes even hundreds of web pages. A website developer from India can help you to migrate all the content from your existing website to the new one.

#3 Rewriting or writing the content

Most Indian web design companies also provide content writing services to their clients. So they can also help you to rewrite your content or write fresh content for your website. This can help you to secure higher search engine rankings as well.

#4 Performance testing

Website redesign is a great way to enhance the performance of your website. If your current website is not performing well, Indian website developers can help you to revamp your website and ensure its optimal performance as well.

#5 Adding new features

While revamping your existing WordPress website, your developers can also help you to add new features to it. So, if you want to add new features to your website and change its design, hire a website builder in India

Tips to hire a WordPress developer in India to redevelop your website

Although it’s true that hiring WordPress developers in India is affordable, not all developers are the same. Before hiring an Indian WordPress builder, you must check a few important things such as mentioned below:


Before awarding your website redesign project to any Indian website builder, you must check their experience in the relevant industry (WordPress website development). The more experience your shortlisted website builder has, the better will be the quality of your website.


Checking the portfolio of your Indian website developer is a great idea before you hire one for your website redesign. Before you go ahead and hire a website developer in India, you must check his or her past works. If their past works don’t match your expectations, start looking somewhere else for your website redesign.


What do other customers say about your website developer? What are the first-hand experiences of your developers’ clients with them? You must check this out.


How good is your website developer’s communication? When it comes to the success of any website design or website redesign project, communication is the key. Therefore, before hiring a WordPress developer in India, do make sure to check their communication skills.

Core skills

Other than all the above-mentioned skills, you should also check out their core coding skills. WordPress is easy-to-use but when it comes to customization and scalability, you need expert WordPress developers who are good at core coding in the files, templates, and plugins of your WordPress website.

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