Do you know what the most popular e-commerce websites have in common? All of them use a trusted and robust CMS or Content Management System to ensure that the websites always have the best of products listed for their customers.

If you are new to all this- then you may not know what a CMS is, and what specifically a CMS for eCommerce is capable of.

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What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. In simple terms, it is software that you can use for publishing, editing, and modifying the content and its appearance on any website.  In the case of an eCommerce website, the content feeding the system is the range of products that are for sale.

But what makes CMS for eCommerce something that you must have? 

  • Cost-effective: Once you implement a CMS, either yourself or with the help of an e-commerce developer, you can easily scale up the operations and manage hundreds and thousands of products hassle-free. You don’t need to engage any web developer each time you need to upload new products or information to your store. 
  • New features: With a CMS, there is constant evolution through newer versions. Thus, you can solve problems and stay up to date with the ever-changing trends on the internet.
  • Support and community: Most CMS platforms have a wide community of developers. Thus, for any issue or challenge that you may face, you can easily find and hire a web developer to resolve the problem. 

Let us now go ahead and see which are the most popular CMS in the market and what they offer.


WordPress is perhaps the most popular CMS in the market available today. This is a general-purpose CMS that can be used by all types of websites.

For WordPress websites, there are several plugins for eCommerce that you can choose from to get a wide range of capabilities. WooCommerce is among the most popular choice for building an e-commerce store using WordPress. 

One of the best things about WooCommerce is that you can find a lot of web developers who can create and manage your e-commerce store at an affordable price.

You may also consider hiring Indian WordPress developers if you have a tight budget.


Magneto is among the largest and most popular open-source CMS. It is a feature-rich platform with scalable services for small, large, and mid-sized eCommerce stores.

There are unlimited customization options that you can get with Magneto. It has 3 types of platforms- cloud, enterprise, and community. You can choose from those based on the type of venture you are working on.

If you are just starting as an e-commerce developer or business owner, you can check out its library of demos for building your online store with amazing features.


Shopify is a self-hosted eCommerce solution offered as a SaaS or software-as-a-service. With this platform, no installation on your computer is required.

Shopify is also among the most affordable e-commerce platforms out there with several features and choices for all types of eCommerce stores. Their customer support is also highly responsive and helpful. Their mobile application lets you manage your store on the go. 

Shopify also has its Point of Sale or PoS system that you can use for selling products in a physical store.

Hire a Shopify developer in India!


OpenCart is a free CMS designed for eCommerce companies. This is a popular choice for smaller businesses that are looking for something powerful and easy to manage. You do not need extensive programming experience with Open Cart.

There are several templates that you can use out of the box. It has support for various languages, has multi-store support, and provides you with thousands of modules and extensions for enhancing your store’s capabilities. 

OpenCart developers are also available in abundance, so you won’t face any issues finding & hiring them. Again, if you don’t have a huge budget to build your online store, you may also consider hiring OpenCart developers in India.


BigCommerce is also offered as a SaaS or Software As A Service. Its development is based on the Agile approach so you can count on being with an evolving and improving CMS.

BigCommerce offers one of the largest integration libraries and you can use it with a host of 3rd party applications. It has several features to support scalability as well, including a powerful toolset for analytics that you can use to gain insights and drive decision-making.

Virtue Mart

For users who are already on Joomla or familiar with it, VirtueMart is an expansion pack for the same. VirtueMart offers a simple way to run an eCommerce store for both beginners and seasoned web developers.

Since VirtueMart is Joomla-based, you can the platform to leverage a fully-functioning cart and utilize it to get shopping statistics, access to a large variety of extensions over 500 other features without any limits. This is the ideal option for business owners who are looking to handle a store with low-medium levels of traffic.


Which CMS is appropriate for your e-commerce website development, entirely depends on your preferences such as technical know-how and web development budget. The above brief comparison among the best CMS platforms in the market will help you to decide the one for your online store development.

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