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Here, we will share some useful information with you that will help you hire an affordable website creator in India. In this blog post, we have shared 3 ways in which an Indian website builder can lower the cost of your website development. 

We will also share some of the basic yet essential web development skills that you must check before you hire a website creator from India. 

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#1 Choosing Low Cost Web Hosting

Since a website can’t run on its own and you do need a web hosting package, the cost of website hosting can make a significant difference in your website development cost. 

There are lots of web hosting companies out there and their pricing structure is also different from each other. Some may cost you as low as $50 per annum while others may charge as high as $400 per annum. 

Now, we know that not all of the inexpensive offers are bad and not all of the good things are expensive. 

Here comes the role of your website developer in India, who can guide you in choosing a reliable yet affordable web hosting company for your website.

#2 Choosing Website Themes

A custom website design may increase your website development cost. Therefore, you must prefer to choose pre-defined website themes instead of a custom design.

You may consider choosing WordPress for your website development which comes with plenty of options for themes. Most of these WordPress themes are available for less than $100.

Other than the cost, here are a few more advantages of using WordPress themes:

  • Most WordPress themes are responsive (mobile-friendly).
  • WordPress themes are easy to change/switch in case of a website redesign.
  • Most of the WordPress themes are WC3 compliant.
  • Most of the WordPress themes are SEO-friendly.

Choosing the right theme for your WordPress website development needs some consideration. Here comes your website creator’s assistance. He or she can help you choose a nice WordPress theme for your website. 

#3 Choosing WordPress

A website development company or website creator charges depend on the effort required to build a website. 

Choosing a CMS like WordPress for any website development can significantly lower the effort that a website developer may put in the absence of a CMS. 

With CMS, it becomes easier for a website builder to:

  • Add more pages in minutes.
  • Integrate web forms in a few hours.
  • Redesigning a website in a couple of days. 

Adding new features onto a website easily through different plugins. 

To sum up, choosing WordPress can tremendously reduce your website development cost

Skills Of A Website Creator In India

Before you hire any website creator in India, you must be sure about the required skills to build your website. Below are but a few major skills that a website creator must have:

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