Having fast website design is good not only for the users of the website but also the search engines because they also love websites which loads faster and save their valuable time. Therefore, there is no second thought on the importance of a sound loading speed website.

website loading speed

In this blog post, we are going to share 7 reasons of slow loading speed of a website along with some advice how your web designer can improve it.

#1 Code

Having complex codes in the webpages makes the website load slower than usual. Therefore, you must cut down the coding (if you have complex codes) and keep simple coding structure which will definitely help your webpages to load in a better way.

#2 Images

Using too many images on your webpages can slow down the loading speed of your website and therefore its recommended to optimize the images so that the size of the image files can be reduced without losing the image quality noticeably. A web designer can easily use the tools like Photoshop and optimize the images for website.

How can a web developer fix the slow loading speed of your webpages:

  • Installing a cache plugin
  • Upgrading all the plugins 
  • Image compression
  • Minifying JS & CSS files
  • & more…

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#3 Flash

Flash is really a NO for all the webmasters  who want their users to view the website in few seconds at the same time who want their websites to get ranked on higher pages of search engines. Flash are bad not only for the users because they take too long to load but also for search engines who don’t like Flash elements at all.

#4 Multiple JQuery Scripts

Based on our experience as a web design company in India, we have found several websites which have been reported slow due to the usage of multiple JQuery. In order to avoid the conflicts among various JQuery codes, its always recommended to use minimum JQuery instead which will improve not only the speed of the website, but will also avoid any chances of run-time errors which may arise due to the JQuery conflicts.

To remove multiple JQuery scripts, you may need to hire a web developer as it requires coding knowledge to do this job. If you are on a budget, you can consider hiring a website developer in India.

#5 JavaScript Codes

There are still many browsers that doesn’t support JavaScript codes and as a result they would queue up the Javascript requests and will slow down the loading speed of the website. Therefore, it would be a wise idea for your web designer to minimize the JavaScript codes as much as possible and try to use other browser compatible scripts like JQuery.

#6 Web Hosting

If your website has gain quite good recognition and there is a lot of traffic on your website, then a shared hosting plan may not suffice your requirements. Therefore, a wise decision for this situation may be to lookout for a Virtual Private Server (VPS) Plan which will noticeably enhance the loading speed of your website yet at an affordable rate.

#7 CDN

CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps a website to enhance its loading speed by rendering the webpages to the users from their nearest data centres. The far a server is from a user, the slower will be the loading speed of the webpages. CDN helps the webpages to render for the users from their nearest data centre which reduces the request time from both client-to-server & server-to-client. As a result, a great surfing experience will be served for your users.

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