Low-cost website development can’t be the only yardstick when it comes to picking the right e-commerce website design package for your business.

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Look for these 9 key items in your e-commerce website package, while you keep an eye on web design costs too.

#1 Responsive Web Design

Nowadays, visitors frequently visit your website on smart devices, like mobile phones and tablets. Your website should be able to display correctly irrespective of screen size and orientation.

Therefore, having a responsive website design must be an essential feature of any e-commerce website package.

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#2 Discount Coupons

Coupons are a great way to engage and convert customers. You can lure your customers by offering coupons for limited-time discounts, free shipping, flat shipping rates, etc.

Has your website developer mentioned the discount coupon management feature in your e-commerce website package? If not, demand it now!

#3 Newsletter Management

Newsletters are a great way to engage your customers and bring them to your website repeatedly.

Pick an e-commerce website design package that has a feature of the newsletter to provide your customers with easy signup.

#4 Shipping Fee Management

The list of shipping options that your customers want can get really long, with options like flat rate shipping, free shipping, next-day shipping, fee-based on weight/size, etc. 

Go with an e-commerce website design package that has a feature to work with multiple shipping fee structures.

#5 Payment Choices

Customers want choices in how they pay for their purchases. Some prefer using PayPal, while others may want to use their credit card. 

The website design package you choose should come with multiple payment gateways, so you can offer more choices to your customers.

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#6 Social Sharing

Social sharing is a free marketing tool that you cannot skip. A social sharing feature on your e-commerce web pages allows your customers to share your products among their networks. 

So, before you finalize your project, do ensure that your website design package has a feature of social sharing too. 

#7 Price Filtration

Allowing your customers to use price as a filter to narrow down their search will get you more sales. 

Therefore, you must insist your website developer should be able to incorporate an intuitive price-based filtration feature in your website package. 

#8 Up-selling & Cross Selling

Adopting innovative ways of up-selling & cross-selling will help you better your conversion rates by offering friendly recommendations to your customers.

Pick an e-commerce website design package that includes effective ways of upselling & cross-selling.

#9 Zoom-in Option

Even when people go to physical stores, they like to examine the products closely before they decide on buying them. The same holds true for e-commerce stores. Unless the customers can examine a product in detail, they are not going to buy it.

This makes it important to provide customers with a zoom-in option so they can examine your product pictures closely. This will make them feel comfortable about their decision to proceed with the purchase.

Your web design package must provide this feature

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