average website design cost in India

How much is the average website cost in India?

The average cost of website development in India ranges from $400 to $4000 or more. The actual cost of website building depends on the features & functionalities that you need for your website. 

average website design cost in India

If you need a basic website with 8-10 pages, you may have to pay as low as $400 however if you need an eCommerce store, an Indian website developer may charge you $1000 or more. 

And if you want to hire an Indian developer to create a user-based web portal, you may have to pay $3000 or more depending on the scope of the project.

How much do web developers in India charge?

If you want a custom-designed website, you’ll need to hire a website designer in India. Website designers in India can be freelancers or part of a design agency, and their prices can vary depending on their experience, the complexity of the website, and the services they offer.

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The cost of building a custom-designed website in India can range from USD 800 to USD 2,000 or more, depending on the complexity of the website and the designer you choose to work with.

For example, a basic website with a few pages and simple design elements can cost around USD 600, while a more complex website with advanced features and custom design elements can cost upwards of USD 2,000.

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Factors that affect website cost in India

The cost of building a website in India can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Some of the key factors that can affect the cost of building a website in India are:

1. Type of website: The type of website you want to build can have a significant impact on the cost. A basic website with a few pages and simple design elements will cost less than a complex e-commerce website with advanced features and custom design elements.

2. Complexity of the website: The complexity of the website is another factor that can affect the cost. A website with basic features such as text, images, and contact forms will cost less than a website with advanced features such as custom animations, video backgrounds, and user registration systems.

3. Website builder or designer: The website builder or designer you choose to work with can also affect the cost. Freelance website designers may charge less than design agencies, but they may not have the same level of expertise and resources. Similarly, website builders with more advanced features may cost more than basic website builders.

4. Domain name and hosting: In addition to the cost of building the website, you’ll also need to consider the cost of domain name registration and website hosting. These costs can vary depending on the provider you choose and the features you require.

What are the different pricing models in India?

There are various pricing models for website development in India. Below are some of the most common pricing models that most Indian web developers follow.

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#1 Project-based

In the project-based pricing model, the web developers in India charge for the complete project. Irrespective of the actual number of hours spent on the website building, the website design cost remains the same. This kind of pricing model is good when you have a limited and fixed budget for your website design.

#2 Hourly-based

In this pricing model, a website maker would charge based on the hourly effort. The more effort your developer will be required to put into your project, the higher will be the website cost. This kind of pricing model is good when you know the exact scope of work for your website and your budget is flexible.

#3 Contract-based

Under the contract-based pricing model, your Indian website designer would charge on your a weekly or monthly basis. During the contracted tenure, you can assign any task to them and they will do it for you. Usually, this kind of pricing model is good when you already have a website and you are looking to revamp or add some new features to it.

How to save on website design costs in India?

Although the website development cost in India is cheaper than the costs that developers from other countries like Canada, Australia, the USA, and the UK charge. There are still some ways to save further on your web design cost.

Below are some of the tips for you to save your website cost when you outsource your project to an Indian website builder.

Build a WordPress site

Building a WordPress website is affordable compared to making a custom one. With WordPress, your Indian web developer will not have to spend a lot of time writing manual codes. Because there are several plugins that can be used with a WordPress website to integrate great features into the website. You name the feature and there will be a WordPress plugin to integrate it.

Go for an affordable hosting

Hosting plays a vital role in developing a website. Moreover, the cost of web hosting can affect, to some extent, the overall cost of your website design. It is, therefore, recommended to subscribe to a low-cost web hosting company. 

Choosing a low-cost hosting company doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get low-quality services. There are many reputed website hosting companies such as Godaddy and Bluehost that offer low-cost web hosting packages without compromising the quality of their servers.

Use a template

While making a website, your developer has two options. To use a readymade template or to integrate a custom design. It may cost you quite high to integrate a custom design for your website making. However, using a template to build a website can significantly reduce the overall cost of your website development.

Hire experienced developers

This may sound a bit cheesy. But hiring experienced web developers can also contribute to building a low-cost website. This is because experienced website builders know how to create a professional website at a low cost and in a short timeframe. Additionally, an experienced website builder in India can also recommend their clients add or dismiss some of the features that will help you to grow your online business.

Lock the website scope

To control the website development budget, it’s very important to decide what you need and what not. If you start with something else and add new features during the development stage, it can also contribute to the overall website development cost.

What are the payment terms in India?

Most web design agencies and website designers in India take a 50% down payment to start the project and the remaining 50% on completion. 

But some agencies, like Innomax, are flexible in their payment terms. At Innomax, we also accept payments in 3 parts or more, depending on the size and cost of the project.

To know more about our payment terms, please get in touch with us now!

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