Indian Website Developers & Web Designers in India

If you are outsourcing your website project to India and are confused about whether you should hire a freelance developer or a web design agency in India, this blog post can help you.

Indian Website Developers & Web Designers in India

Here, we have shared 10 major differences between a freelance developer and an Indian website agency.

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Cost Difference

The cost to hire a freelance developer in India may be affordable as compared to hiring an Indian website agency, but the agencies often offer more comprehensive services and support. That’s why most business owners worldwide prefer to hire a website agency in India. If you compare the overall cost of website development & support in the long run, hiring a website agency is always the best option as compared to hiring an individual freelancer.

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A freelancer web developer or an individual developer may be restricted in terms of their availability due to juggling multiple projects. They may not be available to work on your project all the time because of the workload that they may have on their shoulders. But, when you hire a website agency, they will always make sure that a dedicated website builder and project manager is available to work on your project so that you get the best support.


Usually, a web design company in India can provide you with their expertise in website development as compared to a freelance developer because of their team efforts. When you hire a website company, they come with the expertise of a pool of experienced web developers & designers; however, in the case of a freelance web developer, you will have to rely on a single person’s skills.

Project Management

If you want your website project to be managed professionally, you must hire a website agency in India because most of these agencies have an in-house project manager dedicated to your project. In the case of a freelance developer, there is no project manager that you will get. Your project will be designed, developed, and managed by a single person.

Quality Assurance

Most Indian web design agencies have an in-house QA team that’s responsible for testing the websites before delivering them to their clients and making these sites live. If you want to avoid any kind of bugs or errors on your website, hire a professional website company instead of an individual freelance developer.


Having a team of web developers and designers, a website agency can be flexible in their working hours according to their client’s timezone. However, when you hire a freelance developer in India, they may not be too flexible with each client.

Long-term Support

Getting long-term support from website agencies is much easier than getting it from an individual developer. A freelance web developer may not provide you with long-term support because of the lack of their commitment to all the projects at the same time; however, when you hire a company to build your website, their web development team will provide you with the best long-term support because of their extended manpower.

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