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The maintenance of a website is as important as its development. Lack of website maintenance may lead to several consequences such as security vulnerabilities, deteriorating performance, incompatibility with devices & browsers, broken links, loss of SEO rankings, outdated content, and loss of user trust. This is why we always advise our clients to maintain their websites regularly.

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However, the problem is that not all businesses can afford to hire web developers to maintain their websites regularly. That’s probably one of the major reasons why most businesses worldwide prefer to hire Indian website developers to maintain their websites.

If you also have a website or plan to build one, hire a website developer in India to save your website maintenance costs.

Are you wondering how much a web developer in India charges to maintain a website and what are the activities they offer? We’ve got you covered.

In this blog post, we have shared some useful information about the average maintenance rates that most Indian web developers charge and the services that they provide.

Let’s begin!

Take Backups

This is perhaps the very first step toward maintaining a website. Taks a full backup of your website regularly before making any major changes to it. When you hire a web developer in India, they would also back up the latest & fully functional version of your website before doing anything else. It will help them to restore the website quickly if anything happens after upgrading the software/plugins of your website.

Check/Update Plugins

When you use a CMS to build your website, you need to take care of its plugins or modules. Because outdated plugins/modules can affect the overall performance of your website and can also compromise its security. It is therefore important to check and update/upgrade the plugins of your website regularly. When you hire a web developer in India for your website maintenance, they will make sure that all the important plugins of your website are always up-to-date.

Check Themes

Just like updating the plugins to their latest versions, it’s crucial to upgrade the theme of your website as well. Upgrading the website theme is another important activity that should always be included in website maintenance.

Check broken links

The links on a website that don’t lead to any page or show a “page not found” error are known as broken links. These broken links can affect not only the user experience but also can result in loss of search engine rankings. It is therefore very crucial to take care of broken links on your website. Hiring a website builder in India for your website maintenance can ensure that your website has no broken links. Your web developer will check and diagnose your website for any broken links and fix them immediately.

Update website content

This is a very obvious reason to maintain a website. As a website owner, you will always want your customers to view updated information. That’s why you must update your website with the latest information like accurate services, contact details, and so on. Hire a web developer in India to update the content of your website regularly.

Choose/Switch Over To An Affordable Hosting

The web hosting package that you subscribe to, can significantly affect your overall website maintenance cost. This is also something your website developer can help you with. Your Indian web developer can advise you on the best yet affordable web hosting companies to host your website. At Innomax, we also help our clients switch over their web hosting & website to more reliable servers if they are not happy with their existing server support & quality.

Ensure Your Website’s Performance

One of the best ways to reduce your website maintenance costs is to constantly keep an eye on the performance of your website. However you don’t have to do it when you hire a web developer to maintain your website because they will regularly check your website for its performance and fix the issues when they appear.

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