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Website maintenance is an integral process for online businesses. We all know that.

If you are not sure about the importance of website maintenance for your business, let’s take 2 minutes to understand this.

Why website maintenance is important?

website maintenance india

#1 Website maintenance keeps website secured

When you hire web development companies from India to maintain your website on a regular basis, your website modules & plugins are always updated which means better security for your website.

#2 Website maintenance keeps content updated

Not all businesses put time on their websites to update the content and images because they have hundreds of other matters to look into.

It’s critical for all businesses to focus on the issues that matter most for their businesses but it shouldn’t be on the cost of website maintenance.

Engaging a web design company in India can be helpful for you to keep your website always updated with fresh content and updated information.

#3 Website maintenance keeps website error-free

When you hire Indian web developers for your website maintenance, they would always check and make sure that your website doesn’t throw any errors for the users.

At the same time, they would also fix the broken links (links that don’t work anymore), if any, on your website.

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#4 Website maintenance keeps website efficient

Optimizing the website speed is an important part of any website maintenance plan. At the same time, optimizing a website for its loading speed is very critical for both users and search engines.

Since this is something that a layman can’t identify and fix, it’s always a good idea to hire an Indian web developer who can keep a check on your website speed and fix it, if required.

#5 Website maintenance keeps website beautiful

If you go for a higher web maintenance package, you also get the facility to change the design or structure of your website.

If you hire a web developer on a project basis to revamp your existing website, it may cost you hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars however if you subscribe with a website maintenance plan with any web development company in India, they can redesign your website in the same plan.

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    What’s the average cost of website maintenance in India?

    website maintenance cost in India

    Ok, so we already know why website maintenance is important for every business. Generally, the cost to maintain a website in India ranges between $100 to $500 per month but it entirely depends on your requirements.

    Now let’s take a look at some of the factors that determine website maintenance costs in India.

    #1 Do you need basic or advanced features?

    When it comes to website maintenance, the basic features include website backup, upgrading modules & plugins, adding texts/images to your website, and optimization of loading speed.

    If you need just a basic website maintenance package, it shouldn’t cost you not more than $100 per month.

    If you need advanced features like virus & malware protection, hosting/emails management, and regular content writing along with the other basic features mentioned above, you may be required to pay up to $500 a month.

    #2 Do you need frequent changes on your website?

    The number of man-hours is an important determinant of web maintenance costing in India. The more hours you require from your web developer, the higher amount of money you will need to pay.

    If you don’t require too many man-hours, then you can choose a starter web maintenance plan that shouldn’t cost you more than $100.

    #3 Do you need SEO for your website?

    Since SEO requires a lot of activities like blog write-up, article writing, classified submissions, etc., it will be an additional cost if you want SEO to be a part of your website maintenance package.

    Adding SEO features will definitely increase the cost of website maintenance for you.

    #4 Do you need to incorporate new features every month?

    If you want to add new features to your website frequently, then you may need to extend the man-hours required for your website maintenance.

    Especially in the case of eCommerce websites, where you need several new features or new sections to be added, you may be required to choose a higher website maintenance package.

    In this case, you must subscribe with an advanced web maintenance package in which you can get more than 50 hours and your web developers can put the time to update your website codes easily.

    #5 Do you want to add regular promotions or offers on your website?

    If your sales are dependent on your website, then you may be required to add new promotions & offers on your website regularly. Especially in the case of eCommerce websites, you may be required to add offers like discount coupons, etc.

    If the frequency of adding offers and discounts on your website is higher, then the cost to maintain your website may go higher. Generally, in such cases, a standard web maintenance package should be sufficient for you whereby you can get more hours.

    A standard web maintenance package in India shouldn’t cost you more than $400 per month which is still reasonable as compared to hiring a full-time employee to maintain your website.

    #6 Do you want to add several products every month to your online store?

    Again, if you run an eCommerce website and have hundreds of products to sell, it makes sense to hire web developers for maintaining your website. Since you will be required to upload products on your eCommerce store frequently, the appropriate plan for maintaining your website can’t be the basic one.

    You must signup for a standard maintenance package in which you can get more than 25 hours and your web development team can help you to update your online store with new products on a daily or weekly basis. This kind of standard package shouldn’t cost you more than $400 per month.


    When it comes to the cost of website maintenance, there is no set price for maintaining a website. It’s just that you must analyze the level of updates and maintenance that you require and accordingly you can choose your plan. As we have shared above that a basic web maintenance package starts from $199 and an advanced plan can cost you around $500.

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