WordPress can do more than just blogging and CMS websites. There are many successful eCommerce websites that have been built using WordPress and are doing pretty well.

Let’s take a look at some of the major reasons for small businesses to choose WordPress for the development of their eCommerce websites.

#1 Easy to Setup

wordpress website installation

WordPress websites are easy to set up/install. If you’ve got a little bit of technical experience or HTML and server handling, you can easily set up your own eCommerce website in a few hours.

What’s more? There are thousands of themes available to uplift the look of your WordPress-based eCommerce website. Some of these themes are free to use and others are available at very nominal costs.

#2 Easy to Afford

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If you run a small business and need an eCommerce website within your budget, then here is good news for you. You can choose WordPress for creating your online store because it’s completely free to use. Yes, it’s true! All you need to do is download & install WordPress, configure an eCommerce plugin, and you are done. You can start selling online immediately.

Even if we talk about the premium/paid templates available for WordPress websites, they don’t cost you more than $100. You can easily buy a great website template for your eCommerce website for as low as $50.

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#3 Easy to Redesign

redesign wordpress website

Redesigning any website is a really big thing that we all know. It requires a lot of time and money to revamp a website but it’s not the case with WordPress. Since there are several ready-to-use designs available for WordPress websites, you can get a new skin for your website anytime you wish to do so.

Redesigning a WordPress website is as easy as a few clicks once in most cases.

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#4 Easy to Enhance Features

enhance wordpress websites

Thanks to the huge community of WordPress developers who have contributed their work to make WordPress a better platform. There are thousands of plugins available to enhance the features of your website. You name the feature and WordPress has plugin(s) available for you.

There are plenty of free & paid WordPress plugins available that you can install with your WordPress-based eCommerce website.

#5 Easy to Manage

easy to manage wordpress

WordPress has been a favorite platform not only for web designers and developers but also for non-technical webmasters. The reason is quite simple one doesn’t require any special training to manage WordPress websites. All that you need is an hour or two hours of training.

#6 Easy to Customize

customization ecommerce

While it’s true that there are many WordPress plugins and themes available free of cost, not all businesses may be able to use them as they are. In other words, depending upon the specific needs of businesses, there may arise a need to customize them. WordPress framework allows web developers to customize the plugins & themes in order to meet the custom requirements of any business.

Because of the fact that WordPress is one of the most popular open sources, there is an abundance of web developers who work full-time on WordPress websites. These web developers are available at an affordable price whom you can hire and engage to customize your website.


Why should you spend thousands of dollars to build your eCommerce website when you can get it done at a much lower price? It’s just a matter of awareness. WordPress, being one of the favorite open sources worldwide, is definitely the #1 choice for every small business to create its online store. No compromise on the quality/features and yet you can get a robust eCommerce website. Hire a WordPress developer today!

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