Are you looking to hire an eCommerce website developer in India to build your online store?

ecommerce website development in India

If yes, this blog post could prove to be your guide on hiring reliable Indian web developers

Here are a few checks that you must perform before you hire & award your eCommerce store to any web developer.

#1 Check for technical skills

Before you hire a web developer, you must make sure to check his or her technical skills.

How to check the technical skills of a developer?

You can ask your web developers to show some of their past works that required some special skills to develop.

For example, they can show you some of the websites that have features like flexible pricing, conditional forms, marketing popups, or any other special requirements

#2 Check pricing

When you hire a web developer in India, you expect to get an affordable quote. 

Perhaps, pricing is one of the main reasons that you don’t want to get your website developed locally and you want to outsource your web design to India. 

Therefore, you must make sure to compare the pricing of different web design companies.

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#3 Check communication skills

Before hiring an Indian web developer, do ensure that he or he is able to communicate with you effectively. Lack of proper communication can affect the quality & outcome of your website development.

If required, you must insist to talk with the developer in order to make sure that he or she understands your expectations.

There are several communication channels that you can use, such as Skype & Google Hangout to communicate with your developer.

#4 Check for the service warranty

Does your web developer provide a service warranty after the completion of your website? Most developers & companies do.

It is very likely that after the website launch, you may experience some minor issues or bugs on the website for which you may need the assistance of your web developer.

In order to ensure that all of the minor bug fixings, that are reported within the first few months of launch, are not chargeable, you must check with your developer if he or she will include a service warranty clause in their web development proposal

#5 Check credibility

Once you have checked the technical & communication skills of your web developer along with the service warranty and pricing, now is the time to check their credibility

To check the credibility of any web developer, you must request them to provide you with their existing customers’ details. It could be their customers’ email & phone numbers. 

Once you get these details, you must check with their clients, about the performance & support that your web developer had provided to them. 

You can set your expectations from your web developer, according to the feedback that you get from their existing clients.

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