Are you planning to hire a web developer in India for your business? Indeed, you need a reliable & professional web developer who can create a strong website design with user-friendly functionalities for your brand.

ecommerce website development in India

However, scouting for good web Indian developers isn’t that easy. After all, there are plenty of talented website developers in India you can tap into for your business website project. And selecting the right one who can understand your needs can be tricky.

Hence, here is a list of 11 mistakes to avoid while hiring an Indian website developer. Confidently hire the best web developers for your e-commerce site by avoiding these common hiring mistakes:

#1 Not outlining your website goals

Before you begin to create a website for your business, you need to know your goals & detailed requirements. Define the outcomes you want your customers to get from your website. List down functional requirements the web developers need to create as well.

You can give an overview of your requirements and goals to your chosen web developer. Hence, you and your current developers can gauge their skills and portfolio, seeing if they’re a fit for your needs before you hire them.

Defining your website’s goals & objectives will not only save your time & effort but will also save your web development cost which you may have spent in iterations & changes due to the lack of pre-defined goals.

For example, the ultimate goal of building your e-commerce store is to get online sales or getting inquiries. 

#2 Not giving an overview of your business

It’s not enough to present your goals and website requirements to your prospective web developers. You also need to give an overview of your marketing strategies & business objectives

For instance, do you sell physical goods or services? Is your target audience local or overseas or global? Whichever the case, you must define your business overview. 

This allows your web developer to see if he can indeed create the right development plan for your e-commerce website design & development.

In the absence of a proper understanding of your business, your developer might be aiming to hit the target in the dark. Don’t let this happen.  

#3 Hiring a developer who use outdated platforms

Web development trends are changing rapidly. As such, your chosen web developers need to keep themselves updated with the latest e-commerce site platforms and technologies.

You must consider asking your developer if he or his team can build your site using an updated CMS/platform.

By having a look at their portfolio, you can find out what kind of technologies or platforms they use for building an e-commerce store. You can use an online tool such as https://builtwith.com to find out the CMS or Programming language that they have used. 

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#4 Hiring developers who don't know SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to your e-commerce website’s success. And a good Indian website developer should be capable of providing you with the technical SEO expertise to boost your website rankings and make it reach a wider target audience range.

Picking a developer who doesn’t offer website SEO solutions may result in a website that your customers may not find easily.

#5 Hiring developers who don't build responsive websites

A whopping 80% of internet users use their mobile devices to view and use websites.

Hence, your e-commerce website design and functionality must be mobile-responsive. This is needed so that your site can reach as many customers as it can.

So, you should select a website developer who can create both desktop and mobile-friendly versions of your online store. 

Again, you must ask for their past works to make sure that their work does include an easy-to-navigate mobile version of an e-commerce website.

#6 Getting blindsided by low development cost

Several website developers offer low prices to their clients. However, be wary of these low and cheap price offerings. Always remember that cheap isn’t always the best deal!

Never sacrifice your website’s quality for the sake of saving some money. Keep in mind that your site is your customer’s first virtual peek at your store. Hence, you need to make a good impression by having a high-quality and responsive website. 

That’s something that doesn’t really come cheap.

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#7 Not having realistic project budgets & timelines.

Speaking of prices, you must have a realistic budget and timeline ready for your website project. 

Even the best web development team in India may shun your project if it has too tight deadlines and plenty of demands for a relatively lower-than-usual price.

#8 Not reviewing your developer’s portfolio

Do your research when it comes to scouting the best developers for your business site. 

Review their portfolio even before you meet them face-to-face/virtually. And when you do talk to them, ask them to see past projects as well. This will give you a general idea of how the developer works and how his previous projects fared in the online world.

#9 Picking a developer based solely on their portfolios

Likewise, portfolios and past projects aren’t the sole basis for determining the quality of work your developers can offer you. 

You must also conduct a thorough interview and ask them about other important aspects of your website development that are crucial for your business websites such as content management systems (CMS), mobile-responsive features, and SEO.

#10 Not reaching out your developer's clients

References are there to give you insights into the developer’s latest completed projects. 

Hence, it’s a good idea to contact the developer’s references (which are mostly former clients) and take their inputs regarding your prospective developer’s overall performance.

#11 Hiring a developer who doesn't answer your queries

IT jargon and most of the terms used by website developers may seem a bit alien to you as an entrepreneur. Hence, it’s normal to have lots of questions and clarifications regarding website development.

Make sure that your prospective developer doesn’t keep on dismissing your questions! Keep in mind that it’s your right as the project owner to ask for clarifications and questions regarding web development.

A developer who doesn’t answer you isn’t professional enough. And this ultimately sends the signal that he doesn’t care about your business. 

Hence, make sure that your prospective developer professionally answers your queries.

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