Over 97% of consumers search online before making a purchase. With almost all customers looking for things online, can any small business afford to be without an online presence?brochure website design india

If you are still wondering whether your small business must get its website in 2020, then the 14 reasons up ahead will help you make the right choice.

#1 A global marketplace in your reach

For a very low web design cost, you get access to a global marketplace with your website. The majority of the population in almost all countries is connected via the internet.

Having a website for your small business gives you the means to reach out to all your potential customers no matter where in the world they may be.

#2 24X7X365 availability

Not only is the internet global, but it is always online, 24×7, 365 days a year.

Once you get your website development done, your company or your services & products are available 24 hours a day all around the year, attracting new visitors, generating leads, and turning visitors into customers.

#3 Reaching out target audience

Unlike traditional advertising mediums, web development for your business gives you the ability to reach your targeted audience.

Thanks to search engines and their advanced algorithms, you can ensure people from what region, age group, and having what interests should find your website in their search results and advertisements. There are a variety of other factors that you can use to find your target audience.

#4 Sell your products & services

A website with a detailed product/service offering gives your customers a chance to learn more about them at their comfort. It lets them make a comparison with other available options and increases the chances of visitors converting into physical customers.

In other words, your website can serve you as your salesperson, contributing toward your overall sales. 

#5 Customer engagement

Selling your products is not just about advertising them. In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to create value for your customers so that they purchase from you. 

Through your website, you can provide them with content like how-to articles, and blog posts about relevant topics and get your customers engaged with your business. 

#6 Build customer relationship

Turning a one-time buyer into a repeat customer requires you to engage with your brand after their first purchase. This process may require you to get in touch with them by sending out regular follow-up & feedback emails.

All this can be done by having a robust & strategic website. A competent web developer can help you to build this feature on your website. If you don’t have enough budget, you may also consider hiring Indian web developers to do this job for you. 

#7 Leverage data for better insights

By analyzing your customer interactions and what they look for on your website, you can provide them with better suggestions. 

If a customer leaves a review for a product, you will then be in a better position to suggest a complementary product or an upgrade in due time. 

Again, your web developer can help you to gather & analyze such data.

#8 Build your brand name

One of the most challenging things for any small business is establishing its name in the market. 

No business can afford to do that without an online presence in today’s marketplace. 

Your website is the key to creating a name for your brand on the internet.

#9 Get found in local searches

As customers who are nearby your store/business location search in Google or other search engines, preference is always given to local businesses. Thus, unless you have a website that can show up in these search results, you will be missing out on a customer who could be just a mile away from your store and looking for your products or services! 

Don’t let this happen to you. Engage a web developer and build your own website. Again, hiring web developers in India can help you to get a robust website at an affordable cost. 

#10 Build business credibility

A website gives your business the branding, control, and increased flexibility that it needs to support its brand name. 

Surveys have shown that over 80% of customers trust a business that has a website more than one that only has social media pages.

#11 Learn about your audience

The key to building any business is learning about your audience, not just about their preferences, but also about what they like and dislike about your product/services. 

This can help you focus on improving and growing your offerings. A website can help you to achieve this easily. 

#12 Provide customer support

The website can be a source of how-to guides, self-help articles, and FAQs for common problems. 

This decreases the instance where the customer may have to call or reach out to you for resolving any issues. It also helps you utilize staff for other things as compared to solving common issues.

#13 A base for digital marketing

A website will form the base for your digital marketing strategy. This is required not just for your online presence, but to increase your brand’s overall presence as well. 

To show up in results for ads on Google, YouTube, and other platforms, you will need a website.

#14 Earn referrals

In the online world, you can get significant visitors from partner brands and blogs related that post content related to your business. 

Having a website will allow you to create referrals (also known as backlinks) to drive visitors to your business. This can be an invaluable source of potential customers.

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