Since SEO is one of the best mediums to get organic traffic on any e-commerce website and search major engines like Google love fresh & updated content, blogging makes sense

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Various studies have proved that eCommerce businesses that publish blogs regularly, get at least 20% more sales as compared to the businesses that don’t write blogs. Therefore, in order to grab 20% more sales & conversions from your e-commerce website, start blogging

If your e-commerce store doesn’t have a blog already, hire a web developer now and get it integrated. This small investment is really worth it. 

Fortunately, if your e-commerce store has been developed using WordPress, activating a blog is as easy as a few clicks. 

In this blog post, we will be sharing 5 major benefits that you may get when you write blogs regularly on your website.

Let’s start.

#1 Resolve Customers Queries

Based on your interaction with your customers, you can write some of the most frequently asked questions or concerns and write their answers on the blog. This FAQ-based blog post will serve as a guide to all of your potential customers.

So, if your website users or potential buyers have any queries, they can find them on your blog and clarify them, instead of calling or emailing you. In other words, a blog on your eCommerce website can enhance your customer support too.

Most of the top-notch service-providing companies use their blog to resolve their customer’s queries in order to improve the efficiency of their websites.

#2 Get More Traffic

As already mentioned, blogging regularly for your e-commerce store will help you to attract more traffic.

Since all of the major search engines like Google love fresh & updated content, when you write & post blogs on your website regularly, your webpages get indexed in the search engines frequently, and therefore, you get more traffic and noticeable rankings.

What’s more.

By blogging regularly, you are creating more pages for your website. This, in turn, creates more internal links to the important pages of your e-commerce website like product pages, homepage, and sales pages. 

Search engines will recognize new updates that are being made, thereby considering your website active. As a result, your ranking will improve. 

#3 People Read Stories Before They Buy

Various online studies have shown that the latest trend of online buying is “reading stories before buying“. 

What does that mean? 

This simply means that the users like to read stories about the products before they can make up their minds to buy them.

When you have a blog on your e-commerce store, you can write interesting stories about your products and encourage users to buy from you.

Some of the focal points of writing such stories could be:

  • Status benefits of buying your products
  • Problem-solving benefits of your products
  • Emotional benefits of your products.
  • History of your products
  • The manufacturing process of your customers
  • Why do customers love your products

#4 Low Investment

We’ve already seen several benefits of blogging that an e-commerce business can get. Some of them are:

  • More traffic
  • SEO enhancement
  • Brand building
  • More sales
  • Customer support

However, the most important benefit of blogging is that it’s totally free. You don’t have to invest a huge amount of money in blogging.

If you know how to write stories and informative content, you can do it on your own. You can also consider hiring a blog writer or SEO writer who can help you to grow your business with the help of a blog.

#5 Brand Building

A business that writes blogs regularly and shares useful information & tips about its products, is considered an authority in its niche. People trust these businesses because of their ability to share.

When you blog on your website, you get the opportunity to connect with your audience and show them what is unique about your products & services. 

Most importantly you tell them the reasons to buy your products. The only key here is to be authentic with your readers & create genuine content that is going to resolve their problems.


Blogging for an e-commerce website can do wonders. It can really help to get more traffic, higher rankings, more sales & brand recognition. Therefore, if you are not blogging, you may be missing a lot of benefits.

Hire a web developer now and incorporate a blog into your e-commerce store. 

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