While it’s true that hiring Indian website developers can save you a lot on your web development cost, at the same time not all Indian developers are skilled and perfect for you. 

essential skills of Indian website builders

There are a few essential core skills that you must check with your web developer before you hire him for your website development. 

In this blog post, we have shared 5 such skills to check in your Indian website builder to ensure the successful & timely completion of your web development project. 

#1 html

HTML is a basic yet essential language that every web developer must know. Most of the websites on the internet are built using HTML as a basic script. 

You may be wondering “If HTML is a basic & essential coding script, shouldn’t all of the web developers already know it?”. Yes, that’s true. But the fact is that most of the developers don’t have in-depth knowledge of HTML coding and as a result, they either structure the codes in a wrong way or their websites show errors. 

Therefore, before you hire a web developer in India, do make sure that he or she is well-equipped with HTML scripting

At Innomax, we have a team of experienced HTML developers in India.

#2 CSS

CSS enables web designers & developers to make a website’s design unique and attractive. In other words, different attributes of CSS codes determine the look of any website.

So if you really want your website to look great, you must hire only those website developers in India who have excellent skills in CSS. 

How to check the CSS skills of any web developer?

It’s pretty simple. You can request your shortlisted developer to send you a list of their most recent works. Once you have the list with you, you must check each and every website on different browsers and devices. 

CSS is also essential for any website to have a responsive (mobile-friendly) design. 

#3 CMS

CMS (content management system) makes it possible for every webmaster or website owner to manage the website contents easily, without having any technical skills. 

Here are a few benefits of using CMS for your website development:

  • CMS is easy-to-use for non-technical minds too.
  • CMS enables web developers to build websites in a lesser timeframe
  • CMS enables web developers to scale up their website easily.
  • CMS websites are easy to redesign
  • CMS helps in improving search engine rankings.

Given the above benefits of CMS, you must ensure that your Indian web developer is able to build a CMS website for you. 

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#4 PHP

Since CMS is an ideal choice to create any website and most of the CMS platforms are built using PHP codes, it makes complete sense for you to engage web developers who have experience in PHP coding too.

Fortunately, most Indian website builders have rich experience in PHP web development. In other words, you will find an abundance of PHP developers in India. But the key is to engage only those developers who can write PHP codes and customize them based on your requirements.

How to check the PHP coding skills of your developer?

Well, you can request them to send you their PHP-based portfolio and you can have a look at the quality of their work. To check the coding script or framework of any website, you can use an online tool like https://builtwith.com

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#5 SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the best yet cost-effective mediums to get quality traffic on any website.

SEO is the science & art of optimizing a website for search engines. Therefore, it all starts from the website itself. If your website developer knows the basic norms of SEO and makes sure to comply with them while building your website, your half SEO battle is won already.

Surprisingly, many web developers don’t agree that SEO falls under their job scope but it’s not 100% justified.


Because if a web developer doesn’t take care of the basic SEO norms while developing a website, no matter how good other SEO activities are, it’s almost impossible to rank that website.

Here are some of the important SEO norms that a website developer must comply with:

  • Implementation of meta tags such as title & description.
  • Implementation of appropriate header tags such as H1, H2, etc.
  • Optimizing all the images on the website.
  • Optimizing the loading speed of the website.
  • Taking care of website responsiveness.

Now that you know the contribution of a web developer in any website’s search engine optimization, you must make sure that you hire only those website builders in India who knows the above SEO skills.

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