You may be looking out for hiring website builders in India to create or redesign your website because Indian web developers are affordable, but you may not be sure whether you should really go for it or not.

Don’t worry. You are not alone.

5 Major Reasons to Invest in Indian Website Builders

Most webmasters or business owners are aware of the low website development cost in India, but they don’t feel comfortable hiring Indian manpower because of a few major reasons such as below:

  • Long-distance working style.
  • Lack of coordination.
  • Fear of losing money.
  • Doubt on communication skills.

In this blog post, we have tried to demystify the above myths and shared 5 major reasons for you to hire website builders in India.

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Let’s dive in!


#1 Quick turnaround

Believe it or not, Indian website builders respond to the queries & requests of their clients quickly. 

In spite of being located in a different region & timezone, you can expect a quick turnaround from your web developer in India.

What’s the reason for the quick turnaround among website builders in India?

Well, below are some of the reasons why Indian website builders provide a quick turnaround:

  • Most Indian web design companies work in different shifts. 
  • Most Indian web development companies have the majority of their clients overseas, so they are really used to it.

At Innomax, we also provide quick turnaround to all of our clients, irrespective of the size of their pockets & businesses.

#2 Communication skills

In creating & run a successful website, effective communication is very important

If your web developer lacks communication skills, you may experience some crucial issues like the delay in project completion, integration of wrong features, and even worst, an incomplete project

But when you hire website builders in India, you don’t need to worry about communication skills. 

Of course, not all the web development companies in India are the same, but most of them would have onboard project managers & web development teams who can communicate effectively & efficiently.

To ensure that your shortlisted web developer in India has got the required communication skills, you may arrange a call over Skype or WhatsApp, and discuss your project requirements with them. 

#3 Coding skills

Another important reason for you to invest in Indian website builders is their coding skills.

You may find a local WordPress developer in your area who can assist you to build a website using a CMS such as WordPress.

But when it comes to the customization of plugins, modules, or themes, a developer should know coding skills.

In India, most website development companies have experienced coders onboard who know not only the setting up of the website, but also the customization of their themes, plugins, & modules.

Below are some of the coding/technology skills that your Indian website builder may possess:

  • Core PHP
  • PHP Frameworks
  • AJAX
  • CSS
  • HTML

In other words, you can find a one-stop solution in India to accommodate all your specific website design requirements. So if you are looking for a developer who also knows how to code, hire WordPress developers in India

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#4 Multi-tasking skills

Believe it or not, most Indian website developers possess multi-tasking skills when it comes to website development.

Most Indian web developers not only do the coding of the websites, but they can also take care of the design of a website.

Not only that, but since most Indian website design companies also offer SEO services, their website designers & developers are well-informed about the SEO norms.

So, below are some of the multiple skills that your website builder in India may possess:

  • Website coding skills
  • UI/UX skills
  • CSS skills
  • Project management
  • SEO skills

When you hire a professional & experienced web developer in India, you can expect him to assist you in creating a nice-looking, fully-functional, mobile-friendly, & SEO-friendly website. 

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#5 Support & maintenance

Support is very important when you hire any web developer to create your website. 

No matter how good your web developer or how affordable your website design cost, if you don’t get prompt support, you may regret your choice. 

But when you hire a website developer in India, you don’t have to worry about the support. Because most of the Indian website design companies offer excellent support to their clients after the website completion. 

At Innomax, we also provide free 3-month support to all our customers as a part of our website design package. 

What’s more. Indian website builders can provide you with support according to your own time zone. 

Other than the support, website maintenance is also crucial to making your online business successful. 

Website development is not a one-time job. You may have to upgrade & maintain your website regularly. 

Again, almost every web development company in India offers affordable website maintenance packages to its customers. 

These web maintenance packages may include:

  • Updating of all the plugins & themes. 
  • Fixing errors & bugs on your website. 
  • Updating the content of your website. 
  • Taking care of the loading speed & responsiveness. 
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